Boys Will Be Boys


I’ve always wondered why boys act so silly when they are in a group. I find it funny that once you put several of them together random stupidity and strange injuries are soon to follow. This is by no means a male bashing post. Just an opportunity to think out loud and maybe get some answers.

Why is it you do this, guys? I must admit, the most side splitting fun I’ve ever had was with a group of silly boys. How is it you all manage to make the most mundane things so hilarious?

Take for instance the group I am watching now. They are all teenagers (this should be interesting) on a play set intended for five year olds. This within itself is a concoction for silliness. On top of that one of them has mananged to steal the others’ snapback and refuses to give it back.

Oh look. He just tossed it to the side. Of course the owner of said hat didn’t have a chance to retrieve it because another boy swooped in to add to his misery. They have fallen off that play set multiple times…

So if one falls and breaks his neck do I have to assist him? Hmmm. I’m leaning more towards no….

Haha. Ha. Morbid thought of the day.

Until next time, stay ever so amazing.

Loads of Love,


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