Kate Goes Adventuring

And by adventuring I mean attempt to go to the library, realize it is closed and instead of sobbing on a deserted street corner in a fit of agony take picture of a beautiful home that has housed so many secrets and stories that it makes the imagination reel with delicious anticipation. The slight adventurous part? Well, it’s not exactly public property. Let’s just put it that way…

Don’t get me wrong though. I am not one of those rebellious types of youth that actively trespasses adventures where I shouldn’t be. I am merely a starry eyed romantic with a sense of dreamy optimism. That and the opportunity was there. If there’s one thing I learned in school it was that I should NEVER let a window of opportunity close the without reaching forth and attempting to grab that sucker by the throat. EVER. It would have been un-American of me. And let’s face it. I’m a red-blooded, adventure loving, trespassing, American. Let freedom ring!


Isn’t she beautiful? The craftsmanship that is put in to old houses is enough to make anyone weep with adoration.


If I had the chance to look up at this every day as I walked through that front door I would thank each and every one of lucky stars personally.


Oh yes. And let it be told now, I have a thing for old doors. It is my intention to buy up as many as possible and put them all through my future house regardless of their difference in color, design or shape. It will be a hodge podge of happy old doors. And a very happy Kate!


Can you can imagine waking up and looking out these windows every morning? My chills have chills.


When you first round the corner of the house, you see this beautiful willow hiding the two level porch. Romantic, is it not?


Once you meander to the porch you see a handsome wooden door and beautiful white trim. Someone pinch me.


These are the incredible stairs that take you to the second level of the porch. The lighting this morning was simply incredible for shadowing. I would have taken pictures on the upper level but my adventuring was cut short by an unexpected witness.

So that goes to show you that good can come from the library being closed. Who would have thought?

Stay sneaky and amazing!

Loads of Love,


2 thoughts on “Kate Goes Adventuring

  1. Gorgeous! I love old houses and buildings. I “adventured” into some abandoned WWII houses near Pearl Harbor..doors were unlocked! It was really really neat! The layout of the house was interesting. I could almost feel the history hanging in the air, and wondered about the people who used to live there. What is their story, and are they still alive? Did they see the bombing of pearl harbor happening right there on that front porch? I wish I could find out!

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