The Validation Situation


Something has been burning a hole through my brain. I’ve come to notice that people need to feel validated in order to feel happy and complete. This is just basic psychology. We have to feel needed and special to be happy. Lack of inner happiness is why Loki of Asgard tried to destroy Earth and that woman that works at the post office can be so snippy. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be wanted and needing to be needed. That doesn’t make us weak or attention seeking. It just makes us human. However, I have sensed a pattern in most peoples’ emotional processes.

We all allow other people to validate us.

That is not good. Not at all.

Validation is self-worth in a nutshell. The thing about self-worth is that it is determined solely by self. Not Peggy down the street or that guy at the grocery store that stocks shelves. It is to be an inward love and acceptance for who you are. The thing about other people is that that can be extremely cruel and quite nasty. They have their own inward struggles that leak out into their social lives in forms of emotional, mental and even physical abuse. It’s a deadly concoction for the average validation seeking individual. Soon those cold words are plastered on your forehead because that’s what you start believing about yourself. Suddenly you are no longer Kate, you are Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Loser and Worthless. You can literally feel your soul sink in your beaten shell of a body. They have defined you with words that aren’t even true.

Social media forms are another way people seek validation. I wonder just how many selfies are floating around the internet as we speak… I have seen people literally beg for people to like, follow, friend and compliment them. Is this really what life is all about? In my experience, once you start caring about numbers, likes, compliments etc. you are thrown into a whirlwind of selfishness and pity parties. So what if Jenny didn’t like your selfie?

There is a world around you full of amazing, fantastic things and you are one of them!

You can juggle, play guitar, sing in Turkish, (insert crazy cool talent)! You don’t need social media to tell you that you’re incredible! Honest.

Loving yourself leads to happiness that no like or follow can touch. It’s knowing that no matter what, someone cares about you. And that person looks at you every morning in the mirror.

Love yourselfie.

Sorry, had to be done.

Stay incredibly, awesomely, fantastically you!

Loads of Love,


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