Mini July Haul

Good Saturday to you all!

I hope you all are well and happy. A few days ago I spent some quality time with my sister and cousin before the fast approach of the beginning of school. I was looking forward to hanging out and making some great memories. Little did I know that I would actually end up having a mini haul that would leave me cheesing for days. (Those are the best kinds of hauls. The ones you never thought you would have.) As a matter of a fact, all of the items I bought were not even on my closet radar. (That’s another plus! Oh, the joy of pleasant surprises!)

The first place we stopped was a shoe store. If you know me, you know that I have more shoes that I care to openly discuss. Something about cute shoes gets me a little delirious. Not foaming at the mouth or anything. (That’s only for handbags, mind you.) Once I start looking at shoes it’s like I can’t stop. This time I thought I came prepared. I told myself that there probably wouldn’t be amything that I would instantly fall in love with anyway.

*Cue buzzer sound*


Wrong answer, Kate.

No joke. The moment I walk in I see the shoes that have haunted my footwear dreams since my Junior year of high school. Imagine this: Sixteen year old Kate is sitting at her desk in English. She is looking at her phone for something to drive away the boredom. What is this? She holds the phone closer to her awe struck face. These heels. They are…amazing! She looks at the brand name. Born. Oxford heels…two hundred dollars… The sound of shattered glass is heard in the distance. Let’s just say two hundred bucks can’t be scraped from the couch cushions anytime soon.

So that’s where the obsession began. Granted the shoes before my eyes are not Born, I was nevertheless thrilled beyond belief. I quickly snatched my size and dared anyone to touch the precious box I gripped in my hands. (I get a little predatory when I shop. Something just gets pumped through my blood stream, I suppose. Gotta love hormones.)



I have to say I am beyond pleased with these little guys. I also adore the fact that they are so versatile. Another plus is the comfort. I am usually a wedge kind of girl, but these are easy to walk in and you don’t feel like you’re walking like an intoxicated t-rex.

I can’t look at these shoes without smiling. And yes, I’m doing now.

My second and third purchases are a little like PB&J. After the shoe store, we went to American Eagle. To be honest I couldn’t tell you the last time I walked in to American Eagle and actually bought something. My tastes drift more into boutique clothes and Forever 21. But, of course, that day was the exception. I saw these cute cut-off overalls towards the middle of the store. I figured they would be super short or wouldn’t look right on me.

(One of my pet peeves is super short clothes. If I wanted to wear denim panties I would buy some. Otherwise don’t push them in my face and tell me they are shorts that are to be worn out in public. Rant over.) Nevertheless I figured what the hey, YOLO and what not. As I put them on I was pleasantly surprised. Again. They weren’t all the way up to my ears! And they looked good! Apparently the shopping forces that be were smiling down on me. And the best part? They were on sale.





Soon after we went to Aeropostale’. Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Kate, Aero is so middle school.”

And you would be right. I usually don’t bother with dropping in, but something urged me to give it a go. And I’m glad I did. I found the shirt you see with overalls at the very front of the store. Actually, they had some incredibly cute clothes everywhere! I could have hyperventilated. Really. I love the colors of this shirt. The red and blue blend well and make me think of fall weather. (Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.) As soon as I found it, I just knew it would be a great companion for my new overalls. And it was also on sale.


Ah, sale. My favorite word.

I hope you all have a fantastic day and may all your shopping ventures be filled with sales and cute clothes! Stay fantastic!

Loads of Love,


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