The Beach Mentality


Recently like many folks, I got the opportunity to go to the beach for an entire week. Today I am missing the thick salty air and riding bicycles everywhere I go. Something about going to the beach just eases my mind. It’s like all of the problems I had when I came melted on the hot sand never to be remembered again. It was so nice to just sit out on the balcony and watch the waves lap the shore as I listened to my iPod. It’s as if the words actually meant something as they touched my soul. I have never felt so alive.

The beach mentality is one of relaxation and fun. Worries are a memory and memories form like sandcastles and big smiles. And you don’t have to wear makeup! Do you understand just how liberating it is to walk out of your room without an ounce of hairspray or foundation? That my friend is what dreams are made of.

The only bad thing about the whole week was my sunburn. Unfortunately I have sensitive skin that fries upon contact with sun beams. Maybe it has something to do with my ancestors being a mix of English and Irish. I am pretty sure that guarantees that I will forever be pale. Oh well. It was marvelous anyway!


The fantastic castle I didn’t really help build… Long story short, my attention span wasn’t long enough to contribute with the construction of said castle. I did take the picture though!


Of course, beach trips means fresh seafood. Couple fried fish with sweet tea and you have one happy Southerner. The cole slaw was especially delicious. (I have come to realize that cole slaw is one of my weaknesses.)


This was taken on a morning walk. That’s another great thing about the beach. Strolling just feels right. You pick your pace and no one can nudge you on.


This picture in particular takes my breath away. It just looks so serene and beautiful. I felt in that moment that I could fly anywhere I wanted.

I hope you all have a great day! Stay incredible.

Loads of Love,


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