A Day in the Life of Kate

Hello all! Today has turned out to be such a lovely day. Granted the weather in my little chunk of world is a bit disheveled, the contents of the day have made up for the sad sky. This morning I woke up which is always a plus. It definitely beats the alternative by a land slide. I slid out of bed and proceeded to get ready for my usual morning jog. I love going to the track. It is surrounded in lush shades of green.

Something about the smell of the morning air just makes me feel so alive. Off to the right there is a river which is lovely to look at while you are inadvertently breaking yourself down. The water flows so peacefully right on through without a care in the world.

After my jog, I met two rather friendly ducks who proceeded to peck the wheels of my car as I started to pull out of the parking lot. One of them in particular was especially chatty and very inquisitive. Perhaps her mother never taught her that staring is rude.

Keep calm

Once I got back home, I ate my breakfast which consisted of a grape jelly biscuit and two pieces of bacon accompanied with a glass of fruit juice. Of course my ‘Keep Calm’ mug was involved. I like to read the message and try to apply it to my day.

After breakfast was devoured, I made my way to the piano and played to my heart’s content. There was a soft rain to accompany the partially out of tune piano. Once my inner musician had had enough, I began to sketch. Here recently I have finished my latest work and I have to say I’m rather pleased with it.


During my ‘sketch time’ my Mom suggested we go to the library. (I mean how lucky am I? It seems that all of my favorite things have managed to stroll their way to me. But just wait, it keeps getting better!) I immediately found two books within the first five minutes of being there. The first book I picked up was “All the Light We Cannot See.” I have read a few pages so far and it seems to be very promising! The second is “The Doodle Revolution.” Anything involving doodles is automatically great in my book. (No pun intended.)


After the library we perused a local antique store for any hidden rusty treasures. I tried on a few little hats (as you can see) that were too cute to not touch. That’s the weird thing about me. If I like something, I have to touch it whether it’s inanimate objects or people. Granted I don’t just go around touching people at random. I have to know someone pretty well before I lay a finger on them.


I also met this very happy goat. I am unashamed to say that I would proudly hang his jolly face on my wall if given the chance.

Happy goat

As I continued to skim everything I saw a brown leather box. Of course curiosity gripped me and I had to move my way over and put my hands on its smooth surface. I open the lid and lo and behold, I saw something I had been dreaming of for quite some time. His adopted name is Barnaby. So far my camera collection has only consisted of Brownies, so I know he might stick out because he’s just too handsome to ignore.


Before my Mom and I headed home we stopped in the bakery not too far away and I ate a delicious chess bar. (Chess bars are one of my many weaknesses.) Oh yes, and we also coupled our midday dessert with a cold sweet tea.

It’s safe to say that this day has been and is continuing to be an amazing one. I hope you all are safe, well and extremely happy! Have a good one wherever you may be!

Loads of Love,


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