Mini July Haul

Good Saturday to you all!

I hope you all are well and happy. A few days ago I spent some quality time with my sister and cousin before the fast approach of the beginning of school. I was looking forward to hanging out and making some great memories. Little did I know that I would actually end up having a mini haul that would leave me cheesing for days. (Those are the best kinds of hauls. The ones you never thought you would have.) As a matter of a fact, all of the items I bought were not even on my closet radar. (That’s another plus! Oh, the joy of pleasant surprises!)

The first place we stopped was a shoe store. If you know me, you know that I have more shoes that I care to openly discuss. Something about cute shoes gets me a little delirious. Not foaming at the mouth or anything. (That’s only for handbags, mind you.) Once I start looking at shoes it’s like I can’t stop. This time I thought I came prepared. I told myself that there probably wouldn’t be amything that I would instantly fall in love with anyway.

*Cue buzzer sound*


Wrong answer, Kate.

No joke. The moment I walk in I see the shoes that have haunted my footwear dreams since my Junior year of high school. Imagine this: Sixteen year old Kate is sitting at her desk in English. She is looking at her phone for something to drive away the boredom. What is this? She holds the phone closer to her awe struck face. These heels. They are…amazing! She looks at the brand name. Born. Oxford heels…two hundred dollars… The sound of shattered glass is heard in the distance. Let’s just say two hundred bucks can’t be scraped from the couch cushions anytime soon.

So that’s where the obsession began. Granted the shoes before my eyes are not Born, I was nevertheless thrilled beyond belief. I quickly snatched my size and dared anyone to touch the precious box I gripped in my hands. (I get a little predatory when I shop. Something just gets pumped through my blood stream, I suppose. Gotta love hormones.)



I have to say I am beyond pleased with these little guys. I also adore the fact that they are so versatile. Another plus is the comfort. I am usually a wedge kind of girl, but these are easy to walk in and you don’t feel like you’re walking like an intoxicated t-rex.

I can’t look at these shoes without smiling. And yes, I’m doing now.

My second and third purchases are a little like PB&J. After the shoe store, we went to American Eagle. To be honest I couldn’t tell you the last time I walked in to American Eagle and actually bought something. My tastes drift more into boutique clothes and Forever 21. But, of course, that day was the exception. I saw these cute cut-off overalls towards the middle of the store. I figured they would be super short or wouldn’t look right on me.

(One of my pet peeves is super short clothes. If I wanted to wear denim panties I would buy some. Otherwise don’t push them in my face and tell me they are shorts that are to be worn out in public. Rant over.) Nevertheless I figured what the hey, YOLO and what not. As I put them on I was pleasantly surprised. Again. They weren’t all the way up to my ears! And they looked good! Apparently the shopping forces that be were smiling down on me. And the best part? They were on sale.





Soon after we went to Aeropostale’. Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Kate, Aero is so middle school.”

And you would be right. I usually don’t bother with dropping in, but something urged me to give it a go. And I’m glad I did. I found the shirt you see with overalls at the very front of the store. Actually, they had some incredibly cute clothes everywhere! I could have hyperventilated. Really. I love the colors of this shirt. The red and blue blend well and make me think of fall weather. (Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.) As soon as I found it, I just knew it would be a great companion for my new overalls. And it was also on sale.


Ah, sale. My favorite word.

I hope you all have a fantastic day and may all your shopping ventures be filled with sales and cute clothes! Stay fantastic!

Loads of Love,


This Is My Confession


As of now I am sitting in front of my computer screen chomping on my grape pop-tart. I don’t really have the words to say what I would like to say. So I will make this up as I go. Let’s do this!

So as you all know I am a bit of an anonymous blogger. I have used only one picture of myself in one of my posts just recently. I am a bit like Daft Punk in the sense that no one really knows who I am. For me when I read a blog, I like to feel a connection with the person who is “speaking” to me. I feel that if I truly introduce myself I will feel better and maybe others can put a face with the name. On top of that, I want to expand my horizons a bit and I can’t do that if I don’t formally introduce myself.

So before I reveal the wizard behind the curtain that rules over this Kate-ish version of Oz, I thought I would like to tell you a few things about me. (Come on, you know I wasn’t just going to give it to you just like that did you? We have to lay the groundwork first.)

Now here are ten random facts about the random girl you are about to meet:

1. I hate pickles and raisins. I know. How un-American of me. I just can’t bring myself to eating either without making cringe faces or gagging a little.

2. I have collected 132 records in the last two years. These records range from REO Speedwagon, Bryan Adams (*sigh* Bryan…), and Perry Como. If you don’t know who these people are please look them up! They are awesome.

3. I am double-jointed. It freaks people out a bit so I don’t tell too many people. (Well, except you guys. You’re welcome.)

4. I am an INFJ. I have been tested and certified. So I’m kind of like a unicorn. Kind of.

5. I have an obsession with old things, especially cameras. I actually collect cameras and I am attempting to get one of them up and going. This involves long hours looking up PDF articles on the internet and a gruesome pile of camera parts scattered on my floor. It’s a messy job.

6. I play piano, guitar and ukulele. I would like to learn banjo (I know, how Southern of me) but as of yet I have not had the opportunity. The ironic thing is that I don’t care for country music. Off with my head.

7. If I could change my name I would want to be called Ella. Something about that name is simple yet feminine. I believe it means “little fairy” or something of that nature. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love my name.

8. I constantly have to be touching something around me to be happy. Especially when I’m nervous. That’s why situations in which I should be extra still and uniform give me nightmares. I have to feel free and languid to be happy. Otherwise I just stand there gripping my clothes with a panicked gaze.

9. I have curly hair. As in when I wash it and blow dry it, it comes out just as you will see below. No products, curling irons or magic needed. You can’t fake that frizz. Believe me.

10. I constantly write in cursive. I. Hate. Printing. It’s sad that so many people can’t even read cursive any more, much less write in it. To me it looks so pretty and it makes scratching something down easier.

So, you’ve endured the list. I am proud! Oh yes, and I have one more fact…

11. This is my face.


Shew. That was a little scary. Is it weird that I’m shaking a little? I hope you all have a fantastic day! It’s so nice to formally meet you all! Stay amazing.

Loads of Love,

The Beach Mentality


Recently like many folks, I got the opportunity to go to the beach for an entire week. Today I am missing the thick salty air and riding bicycles everywhere I go. Something about going to the beach just eases my mind. It’s like all of the problems I had when I came melted on the hot sand never to be remembered again. It was so nice to just sit out on the balcony and watch the waves lap the shore as I listened to my iPod. It’s as if the words actually meant something as they touched my soul. I have never felt so alive.

The beach mentality is one of relaxation and fun. Worries are a memory and memories form like sandcastles and big smiles. And you don’t have to wear makeup! Do you understand just how liberating it is to walk out of your room without an ounce of hairspray or foundation? That my friend is what dreams are made of.

The only bad thing about the whole week was my sunburn. Unfortunately I have sensitive skin that fries upon contact with sun beams. Maybe it has something to do with my ancestors being a mix of English and Irish. I am pretty sure that guarantees that I will forever be pale. Oh well. It was marvelous anyway!


The fantastic castle I didn’t really help build… Long story short, my attention span wasn’t long enough to contribute with the construction of said castle. I did take the picture though!


Of course, beach trips means fresh seafood. Couple fried fish with sweet tea and you have one happy Southerner. The cole slaw was especially delicious. (I have come to realize that cole slaw is one of my weaknesses.)


This was taken on a morning walk. That’s another great thing about the beach. Strolling just feels right. You pick your pace and no one can nudge you on.


This picture in particular takes my breath away. It just looks so serene and beautiful. I felt in that moment that I could fly anywhere I wanted.

I hope you all have a great day! Stay incredible.

Loads of Love,

A Day in the Life of Kate

Hello all! Today has turned out to be such a lovely day. Granted the weather in my little chunk of world is a bit disheveled, the contents of the day have made up for the sad sky. This morning I woke up which is always a plus. It definitely beats the alternative by a land slide. I slid out of bed and proceeded to get ready for my usual morning jog. I love going to the track. It is surrounded in lush shades of green.

Something about the smell of the morning air just makes me feel so alive. Off to the right there is a river which is lovely to look at while you are inadvertently breaking yourself down. The water flows so peacefully right on through without a care in the world.

After my jog, I met two rather friendly ducks who proceeded to peck the wheels of my car as I started to pull out of the parking lot. One of them in particular was especially chatty and very inquisitive. Perhaps her mother never taught her that staring is rude.

Keep calm

Once I got back home, I ate my breakfast which consisted of a grape jelly biscuit and two pieces of bacon accompanied with a glass of fruit juice. Of course my ‘Keep Calm’ mug was involved. I like to read the message and try to apply it to my day.

After breakfast was devoured, I made my way to the piano and played to my heart’s content. There was a soft rain to accompany the partially out of tune piano. Once my inner musician had had enough, I began to sketch. Here recently I have finished my latest work and I have to say I’m rather pleased with it.


During my ‘sketch time’ my Mom suggested we go to the library. (I mean how lucky am I? It seems that all of my favorite things have managed to stroll their way to me. But just wait, it keeps getting better!) I immediately found two books within the first five minutes of being there. The first book I picked up was “All the Light We Cannot See.” I have read a few pages so far and it seems to be very promising! The second is “The Doodle Revolution.” Anything involving doodles is automatically great in my book. (No pun intended.)


After the library we perused a local antique store for any hidden rusty treasures. I tried on a few little hats (as you can see) that were too cute to not touch. That’s the weird thing about me. If I like something, I have to touch it whether it’s inanimate objects or people. Granted I don’t just go around touching people at random. I have to know someone pretty well before I lay a finger on them.


I also met this very happy goat. I am unashamed to say that I would proudly hang his jolly face on my wall if given the chance.

Happy goat

As I continued to skim everything I saw a brown leather box. Of course curiosity gripped me and I had to move my way over and put my hands on its smooth surface. I open the lid and lo and behold, I saw something I had been dreaming of for quite some time. His adopted name is Barnaby. So far my camera collection has only consisted of Brownies, so I know he might stick out because he’s just too handsome to ignore.


Before my Mom and I headed home we stopped in the bakery not too far away and I ate a delicious chess bar. (Chess bars are one of my many weaknesses.) Oh yes, and we also coupled our midday dessert with a cold sweet tea.

It’s safe to say that this day has been and is continuing to be an amazing one. I hope you all are safe, well and extremely happy! Have a good one wherever you may be!

Loads of Love,