June Favorites

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are having a fantastic day full of sunshine and happiness and what not. I thought I would do something I haven’t done in a while. Yes, a favorites post! I thought I would share a few things with you guys that have made my summer that much more amazing!

The first item is something that is near and dear to my heart. To me, this is much more than a purse. It’s a memory. Not only was it a gift from my Mom, but also my very first Coach bag. I believe it’s impossible to forget the first time you touch the soft leather and hear the zipper as it glides across the gold teeth. Coach bags also have a distinct smell that can mesmerize even the strongest willed women on earth. With the help of my Aunt, I have decided to call her Delilah. (You guys know about my naming inatimate objects obsession.)


I also love to feel her tags on the side of the handles. They jingle when I walk and it’s music to my ears. I truly believe I am in love.


Another little friend of mine is this adorable little postcard purse. I found her in an antique store while spending the day with my Aunt. She caught my attention instantly and I knew I had to take her home with me. I haven’t named her yet, though. Nothing is coming to mind. If you have any ideas for a good name feel free to comment below! I’m all ears.

Postcard Purse

Moving on past purses, I found this shirt unexpectedly the other day whilst shopping with my sister and cousin. To be honest, I don’t usually buy t-shirts very often unless they really stand out to me. This shirt did just that. It’s from a company called Crooks and Castles and it is by far the most comfortable shirt I own. Hands down. You can tell just by touching it that it is made with quality fabric and it will last.

Crooks and Castles

On top of that, the pharaoh is pretty awesome. I mean, look at him. I couldn’t look away when I saw him in the store. It’s like his eyes pierce you from across the room and you love every second of it. It’s definitely different in most people’s standards, but that’s why I like it. I grabs your attention and it refuses to let go. Now that’s a t-shirt.

Close up

Of course, color is a must for summer. I love thise Revlon nail polish because it screams hot weather and good memories. The shade is ‘Make Mine Mango’ and it really turns heads. As a matter of a fact, I’m wearing it now! It just brightens my mood to look down and see my sunny nails.

Make Mine Mango

The final item I wanted to share is this fantastic mud mask from Formula 10.0.6. As you can probably tell from the smudges on the container, I really love this stuff. It has a great citrus scent that carries you away to the beach. I wouldn’t recommend using it every day because it can dry your skin quickly. Other than that, it is a fantastic way to pamper yourself on a lazy evening with a glass of sweat tea in hand. (Maybe that’s just my fantasy…)


I hope you all have a great one wherever you are and your summer is filled with awesomeness. Stay incredible!

Loads of Love,


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