The Race


The past few days have been a struggle. No joke. It’s easy for me to want to feel sorry for myself and throw myself a huge pity party with all the stops. To be completely honest I did have a mini party. No one saw it though. I am slowly getting out of my rut. Each day feels slightly better than the last.

One thing that has truly set me free and helps me keep my sanity is running. I had not been running in months so I decided I would pick it up again. Something about running makes me feel so at ease. It’s solitary. No one tells me how fast, hard or far I go. I control the whole experience. And something about kicking my own butt is pretty awesome too. Any pain you experience benefits you later. You wake up with DOMS and a smile on your face because you know the soreness was from that extra lap. You thought you wouldn’t make it but you pressed on and beat your own expectations.

If you think about it running is a lot like life in general. Some days you wake up feeling like you can take the world when you only make it halfway through your usual route. Some days you wake up and feel like you can’t move yet you plow through and give a few extra miles. The pains you get from it build you up even though you are pretty sure you are dying. There is sweat and thoughts of stopping but you keep on going.

Another thing about running is the direction you take. I have never seen a backwards runner. The point is to go forward and get to somewhere worth going. Life is the same way. You can’t take back what you’ve already ran. That is all behind you. It’s all straight ahead from here.

The truth is we’re all running in a race. We determine if we get up and brush ourselves off or sit down and watch everyone else. I’ve made up my mind. I refuse to rest when I can run. I won’t give up that adrenaline rush of seeing myself achieve something I thought I never would. I’ve come too far to stop now.

Best wishes in your race of life. Knock ‘em dead as usual!

Loads of Love and Sore Muscles,


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