Coldplay and a Sketch Book


The past few days have been a bit of a hectic blur. Moving to a new home is quite a challenge for everyone in several ways. The strange thing is that as I sorted and packed my things, I didn’t feel as though I thought I would. To be frank, I didn’t feel much of anything. All of my memories were tucked away ready to be hauled off to a new location. I looked through it all. Some items had been with me from the very beginning.

When I touched them and held them close my mind would retrace to my childhood and see a small, curly headed girl living in her own little world inside her curious mind. I watched her lose her first tooth, get her first dog, ride a bicycle across the leaf shadowed yard, her first day of school, her first disappointment and her first best friend. All of those things happened within a matter of moments and in the end I was left clutching a stuffed animal looking in to its shiny, remembering eyes.

Maybe I should have felt more. Maybe at that moment I should have cried. Maybe I should have shaken the numbness and complacency, but I didn’t. I looked back in those eyes with a slight smile and placed my friend in the toy box where he belonged. He still kept that same gaze. I supposed he had forgiven me.

The best thing that has come from moving is not seeing all of my belongings that have been shadowed in closets all these years. Instead it is knowing that no matter what happens to those things, objects and memories, I have something worth so much more. I have my family. Home isn’t where you keep your junk. It’s where you keep your family, your heart and your love. No matter where I am, as long as I have the people who love me, I will make it. That’s not to say life will be thorn free and effortless. Of course not. But something about those thorns makes the bonds with the ones you love even stronger. Suddenly everyone comes together to lift each other up in support. Soon the sting from the thorns fade and all you can feel is the warmth of being together.

That is home.

Another good thing that has come from the move is the lack of television and other distractions. As of now, I am listening to Coldplay and spending quality time with my sketch book. I haven’t taken the time to draw in months and it feels so wonderful to touch the paper and hear the scratches the pencils make. And thanks to the move and lack of reality television, a lion has been created. I believe I like life better this way.

I hope you all are well and having a great day! Stay your usual, incredible, amazing self.

Loads of Love,


5 thoughts on “Coldplay and a Sketch Book

  1. Brilliant drawing; and sounds lovely – plus, you’ve very good taste in music (Coldplay= one of my favourite ever bands.)

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