I’m Back!


Hello blogging world!

Long time, no see, right? I am terribly sorry for my extended absence. Granted I have no legitimate excuse other than a swirl of events that have left my head practically spinning. Other than that I am suffering from a mild case of writer’s block which is just peachy, as you all probably can relate. Nothing is more frustrating than staring at a wall trying to string ideas from your fuzzy mind to your fingertips and on to your computer screen. It’s almost insanity! Luckily I have had several things to do to help ease my discomfort.

Well, enough about me. How are you all? I hope everyone is in one piece (both physically and mentally.) It’s great to touch bases with you guys and gals again. I’ve truly missed communicating with all of you! Have a fantastic one wherever you are! Stay fantastic.

(Oh, and there is no reasoning behind the koala picture. He just looked cute.)

Loads of Love,


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