Letting the Blogging Cat Out of the Bag


Blogging is probably one of the biggest secrets I have in my life. I see it as something highly personal and possibly blush-inducing. Very few of the people I am close to know this blog exists. I don’t tell many people because I suppose I like the idea of having something that gives me so much happiness tucked away in the back of my mind.

On top of that, I feel like I can totally be who I am on my blog. Sometimes it’s hard to put in to words what I am feeling at the moment so instead of stumbling around on my words, I write it down here in hopes that someone might relate. The way I see it, if I am going through something, whether good or bad, chances are there is someone else out there that might be feeling the same way. Who knows, it might make someone feel like they are not alone. In my limited experience, loneliness is one of the worst feelings in the whole universe.

Another thing that holds me back from letting the blogging cat out of the bag is self promotion. To be honest, I hate talking about myself. It’s not that I have a false sense of humility or no self esteem. It’s just that I don’t want to be one of those “Oh look at me! I’m writing about all of the knowledge I have acquired in my super special, fantastically awesome blog! You should read it! It will change your life!” types. (We’ve all met them before.)

Don’t get me wrong, though. I am not ashamed of my blog or the incredible people I have come to know because of it. It’s just something I like to keep tucked in my pocket for extra special occasions. I prefer to tell people I feel I can trust and that won’t see me as an attention-seeking emotional basket case. For me, blogging is a very intimate thing. I am literally taking pieces of me and putting them out there for everyone to see and sometimes that’s not easy. It’s not for attention, a pat on the back, numbers, or likes. It’s for the chance to help someone else and for the love of writing.

You might be wondering why I am writing about this specific topic on a random day in May. (Oh, that rhymed!) Well, I suppose it was on my mind. Best wishes to all of you anonymous bloggers out there! If you think about it, it’s almost like having super powers. You know, keeping your identity safe, wearing masks, lurking around random computer screens, defeating evil, wearing spandex, proclaiming catchy catch phrases etc.

I hope you all have a fantastic day wherever you are! Stay amazing.

Loads of Love,


Coldplay and a Sketch Book


The past few days have been a bit of a hectic blur. Moving to a new home is quite a challenge for everyone in several ways. The strange thing is that as I sorted and packed my things, I didn’t feel as though I thought I would. To be frank, I didn’t feel much of anything. All of my memories were tucked away ready to be hauled off to a new location. I looked through it all. Some items had been with me from the very beginning.

When I touched them and held them close my mind would retrace to my childhood and see a small, curly headed girl living in her own little world inside her curious mind. I watched her lose her first tooth, get her first dog, ride a bicycle across the leaf shadowed yard, her first day of school, her first disappointment and her first best friend. All of those things happened within a matter of moments and in the end I was left clutching a stuffed animal looking in to its shiny, remembering eyes.

Maybe I should have felt more. Maybe at that moment I should have cried. Maybe I should have shaken the numbness and complacency, but I didn’t. I looked back in those eyes with a slight smile and placed my friend in the toy box where he belonged. He still kept that same gaze. I supposed he had forgiven me.

The best thing that has come from moving is not seeing all of my belongings that have been shadowed in closets all these years. Instead it is knowing that no matter what happens to those things, objects and memories, I have something worth so much more. I have my family. Home isn’t where you keep your junk. It’s where you keep your family, your heart and your love. No matter where I am, as long as I have the people who love me, I will make it. That’s not to say life will be thorn free and effortless. Of course not. But something about those thorns makes the bonds with the ones you love even stronger. Suddenly everyone comes together to lift each other up in support. Soon the sting from the thorns fade and all you can feel is the warmth of being together.

That is home.

Another good thing that has come from the move is the lack of television and other distractions. As of now, I am listening to Coldplay and spending quality time with my sketch book. I haven’t taken the time to draw in months and it feels so wonderful to touch the paper and hear the scratches the pencils make. And thanks to the move and lack of reality television, a lion has been created. I believe I like life better this way.

I hope you all are well and having a great day! Stay your usual, incredible, amazing self.

Loads of Love,

I’m Back!


Hello blogging world!

Long time, no see, right? I am terribly sorry for my extended absence. Granted I have no legitimate excuse other than a swirl of events that have left my head practically spinning. Other than that I am suffering from a mild case of writer’s block which is just peachy, as you all probably can relate. Nothing is more frustrating than staring at a wall trying to string ideas from your fuzzy mind to your fingertips and on to your computer screen. It’s almost insanity! Luckily I have had several things to do to help ease my discomfort.

Well, enough about me. How are you all? I hope everyone is in one piece (both physically and mentally.) It’s great to touch bases with you guys and gals again. I’ve truly missed communicating with all of you! Have a fantastic one wherever you are! Stay fantastic.

(Oh, and there is no reasoning behind the koala picture. He just looked cute.)

Loads of Love,

Spring Snaps

Hello all!

Spring is officially here! April’s showers have indeed helped sprout some amazing May flowers. I took the liberty of photographing some very special garden friends that make me smile.


I would have to say that Irises are my favorite flower. I love how their color can range from deep shades of purple to light strokes of lavender. They have such a sweet smell to their ruffly faces. I wish someone would create an Iris perfume…

Bandit and iris

Apparently Bandit likes irises too. The funny thing is anytime I stoop down to smell a flower he immediately stops whatever he is doing to trot over and sniff what has caught my interest. He is always so gentle when he smells the flowers.


I love looking up into trees when the sunlight illuminates their green leaves. Something about it is just breath taking. The light spring breeze just adds to the goose-bump effect. It makes me want to walk right over and hug this magnificent creation.


I love these flowers and their beautiful faces. If you couldn’t tell, I have a tendency to personify flowers. I believe it is due to me watching Disney’s animated “Alice in Wonderland” one too many times. Does anyone else remember the talking flowers? Or maybe it’s just me. It seems now when I look at flowers I see tiny faces looking back at me.


If I were a fairy, I would probably live in a small patch of wisteria. Something about it seems so cozy and homey. The beautiful blooms are a plus! Just look at this wonderous space. I smile anytime I see it.


On top of taking pictures, I also got Stella out of my stuffy room and let her see the lovely spring weather. I think she enjoyed laying in the cool, green grass.

Bandit and Stella

Of course Bandit had to come over and greet the new guest in his backyard. I think he likes her! (But then again I can’t think of anyone he doesn’t like.)


I’m seeing green and I love every second of it! It almost makes all the allergies worth it. Green just makes me feel so alive!

Stella 2

Stella decided she preferred to sit somewhere else. Apparently the grass was getting a little itchy.

Bandit Love

I hope you all have had a lovely spring day! Bandit sends you his love and a big sloppy kiss. (He sort of looks like a giant floating ball of fur. Silly boy.) Stay incredible!

Loads of Love,