An Ode to Sweet Tea


To my dearest friend and all of your glory, I write this to commemorate all the times we have shared together. Beginning at infancy, you have been a constant, sweet companion through the ever changing years. You are the perfect complement to a breezy spring evening sitting on a porch swing. No matter what glass you may rest in, you never cease to serenade everyone around you. You are a shrine of my home. A beacon that will forever make its way through history to warm the hearts of those closest to you. You make horrible days better with a single drop. All worries and cares are abandoned while sampling a few homemade cookies and holding you in a laughter shaken hand. You have always been a part of my past and I hope you will always be in my future. The only thing I ask is that you wouldn’t make yourself scarce. Times are getting tougher and the days keep changing. Nothing seems very consistent anymore. I know you can make it better though. Thank you for your dear friendship and may you always be here to help comfort the hearts of those around us. Here’s to you, friend. May the days get better and the glasses get sweeter!

Loads of Love,


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