No Approval Needed


I’ve been taking a good, hard look at some things that I have been facing lately. I have noticed that when it comes to being happy, seeking approval from other people who don’t give a flying squirrel about you is not the way to go. Growing up I had to learn this lesson the hard way. I was constantly trying to fit in to a sea of superficial, self depreciating teens who begged for the five minute spotlight. I was wearing this or saying that or going there just because “everyone else was doing it.” (A.k.a “The lamest excuse of mankind.”)

It seems that when you are young you do what you want without a care in the world. I mean come on, how many five year olds do you see complaining that their jean wash was so last season? Exactly. None. At that age you are in your own little special world where there is no such thing as ‘peer pressure’ or ‘crop tops’. Chances are, you don’t even know what the word approval means. (Lucky you!)

Then you grow out of that magical phase and in to the “Must-fit-in-or-I’ll-look-like-a-total-loser” phase. Suddenly you have to hide all of your stuffed animals that you once saved the universe with and had fascinating conversations with over delicious fake tea and cookies all because you have moved on to ‘bigger and better’ things.

Your new friends have cell phones and lip balm. Not just any lip balm, mind you. The kind that gives your lips that shimmery pink pop star look. Instead of letting your hair do its own unique thing, you must burn it beyond recognition with a straightener because, let’s face it, straight is so in right now. Your eyes MUST be caked in at least three layers of eyeliner at all times and your nails cannot be bare under any circumstances. You have to wear Aeropostale’ at all times (sorry, this example is from the mid 2000s, if you couldn’t tell.) You must also constantly laugh like an idiot even though nothing has been said that is remotely funny.

“What? You just went to lunch? *Begins laughing* That is sooo funny!”

You see, once you get out of the approval phase you realize just how silly and degrading these rules really are. Yet when you are there you feel as though you must follow them to a T if you want to survive. But that’s the thing. When you follow someone else’s rules you are only surviving. When you begin to make up your own rules you begin to live.

Finally all the weight is gone. You feel free to breathe without caring about who is scrutinizing you. Approval is a crippling disease that strips the real you away. It causes you to do things that you soon regret. I’m so glad that now I see that I don’t need someone’s approval to be myself. I was created to be me and that’s exactly who I am going to be!

Stay amazing.

Loads of Love,


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