Four Letters


Thousands of songs have been written about it. Everyone wants to be in it. I’ve heard it’s all you need. It conquers fear. You can’t buy it. It’s calling card is sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, dilated pupils and lack of better judgment. It affects the greatest and the least of us. It comes when it wants and leaves when you’re not ready. That’s right. It starts with an ‘L’ and ends with either indescribable bliss or the depths of depression.

You know what it is.


Humans can’t get enough of this four letter word. Who knew that such a small word could impact us and drive us to the brink of insanity? Though it is small it can move the tides of the world and change the intents of the heart. It’s more than a feeling. It’s a promise, an action, a letter on a cold day, a kind word in hard times and an embrace you feel years after. It’s that rush you feel when you see him walking up to you and that loss of breath that follows his smile.

It is pain and euphoria in one addicting concoction. It touches you the day you enter the world and will encircle you when you leave. It opens your eyes to things life doesn’t reveal. It seems so far away yet it abides in your very soul. It allows you to go beyond who you are and be more than you could ever dream.

Only four letters yet what a drawing power it has!

Love proves that the smallest things in life are the most powerful. It takes the rules and norms of life we have been commanded to accept and flips them on their unsuspecting heads. Suddenly the money, cars, clothes and possessions no longer matter. All that matters is that small warmth you fight your whole life to feel.

Only four letters.


Loads of Love,


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