Musical Monday Numero Dos


Hello everyone in blogging land! I hope you are all well and are having a perfectly tolerable Monday! Spring has almost sprung and the sun is starting to thaw everything out from the wintery slumber. It does my heart good to see little flowers poking their sunny petite faces from the ground. I’m smiling just thinking about it!

Anyway, last Monday I decided to share something musical to get you through your day, so I figured I would do it again today. *Woohoo!* Today my pick is an acoustic song from the folk-sibling-duo Angus and Julia Stone. If you have never heard of these guys, you should definitely check them out. It is well worth your time!

I recently was scrolling through iTunes looking for something that isn’t so pop-ish and bland. (I suppose I was having a bit of a hipster moment.) As I was scrolling I noticed a song entitled “Bella.” I clicked the play button and was instantly mesmerized. It is such a simple song, yet it tells so much. There are no fancy beats, synthetic sounds or techno overtone. Just a guitar, a few amazing voices and incredible lyrics. This song is proof that simple is better. I keep this song on replay when I get ready in the morning and it puts me at ease and makes me feel relaxed. “Bella” is truly a beautiful song.

I hope you have a wonderful one wherever you are! Stay incredible.

Loads of Love,




This is a word I have never understood. All my life everything that has come my way has made me feel a certain way. Whether they are insignificant or life altering I always have emotion wearing me down. A lot of times I am drained just because of said feelings. It’s like shaking up a snow globe and expecting it to stay completely calm and motionless. These are my thoughts with no pretty ribbons or colorful wrapping paper. These are raw and open. Even though they are hard for me to write, I felt it was best.

I have been told that the way I think makes me weak. Apparently living life through emotional weight, doing school work, maintaining relationships, building others up, caring about someone when no one else will even look their way, trying to make people feel good about themselves and a constant feeling of ‘not good enough’ and ‘how will I get through this’ isn’t tough enough for some people. Just because I see life through different eyes doesn’t make me weak or fragile.

Little do they know that actually caring about things wears you down so much faster than sitting in a constant apathetic state. Apathy is easy. Too easy, if you ask me. Caring for and about others takes strength most people will never understand and to be completely honest I am sick of being labeled as ‘weak.’

Being ‘comfortably numb’ sounds weak to me. It’s pretty much saying that someone has given up. Personally I am not a quitter. If I intend to do something it is permanently etched in my mind until the moment I finish it. If I care for someone I will literally care for them for the rest of my life. I don’t forget people. I remember their names and their stories. I’m sorry people see my perseverance as weakness but I refuse to change.

I am sorry this post may sound cruel. It was not written with ill intentions or malice just a tired, burnt out INFJ who just doesn’t understand the world. To those out there feeling the same way, just hold on. Please, I beg you; don’t think of yourself as weird or weak because you care. It takes more guts to care than to be apathetic. Stay incredible, you.

Loads of Love,

Musical Monday


Hello everyone!

It seems like ages since I have posted! (Bad Kate. Very bad Kate.) I hope you all are just peachy. In my little piece of the world there is loads of rain and on top of that it’s a Monday. Oy, Mondays. So I thought I would share with you the Ultimate Monday Song. It is “Believer” by a little group called the American Authors. (You may or may not have heard of them. Please note the sarcasm.) This song makes me want to Kate Dance (basically dancing poorly around a room until I am very dizzy…and slightly embarassed…) and smile for days.

It has such an amazing beat and great lyrics. That is what makes it the Ultimate Monday Song. So if you’re having a horrible Monday, give this song a try. It just might make you smile!

Have a fantastic one! I’ll see you soon.

Loads of Love,

Four Letters


Thousands of songs have been written about it. Everyone wants to be in it. I’ve heard it’s all you need. It conquers fear. You can’t buy it. It’s calling card is sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, dilated pupils and lack of better judgment. It affects the greatest and the least of us. It comes when it wants and leaves when you’re not ready. That’s right. It starts with an ‘L’ and ends with either indescribable bliss or the depths of depression.

You know what it is.


Humans can’t get enough of this four letter word. Who knew that such a small word could impact us and drive us to the brink of insanity? Though it is small it can move the tides of the world and change the intents of the heart. It’s more than a feeling. It’s a promise, an action, a letter on a cold day, a kind word in hard times and an embrace you feel years after. It’s that rush you feel when you see him walking up to you and that loss of breath that follows his smile.

It is pain and euphoria in one addicting concoction. It touches you the day you enter the world and will encircle you when you leave. It opens your eyes to things life doesn’t reveal. It seems so far away yet it abides in your very soul. It allows you to go beyond who you are and be more than you could ever dream.

Only four letters yet what a drawing power it has!

Love proves that the smallest things in life are the most powerful. It takes the rules and norms of life we have been commanded to accept and flips them on their unsuspecting heads. Suddenly the money, cars, clothes and possessions no longer matter. All that matters is that small warmth you fight your whole life to feel.

Only four letters.


Loads of Love,



There are many situations and people that challenge every miniscule piece of who we are. They have horrible traits and horrible ideas and do horrible things. Horrible, isn’t it? These people seem to want a reaction out of their ridiculous acts and many get what they want. Sometimes it seems that these people end up on top in the world. And I’m not going to lie to you, some of them do. It’s not impossible for a bad apple to be at the top of the tree. I’d like to tell you that all the evil stepmothers, stepsisters, witches, trolls, goblins and dragons are left out of the prosperity life has to offer leaving the hero to live Happily Ever After. I’d like to say that the sun will always be shining and all the clouds glow pure and white as they roll across the pale blue sky. The truth is that life isn’t exactly fair. (I know I hate it just as much as you.)

There will always be things in life that want to push you down and keep you there. You may have to scrub floors and deal with evil stepsisters or walk in the pouring rain without an umbrella on the day you wear your new shoes. Does this mean you give up and become sour? No way, doll. Now is the time you get bigger. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Be the bigger person.” I didn’t really know what it meant or how it felt until I faced things that knocked me on my unsuspecting can. It’s basically the slogan for every Disney movie you have ever seen. In the beginning you see a small diamond in the rough just waiting for a chance to be something. We fall in love with these characters because we can sympathize with them. We all have internal or external conflicts that hold us back and we all want to overcome them. Granted every Disney character is different in their own way. Each one has his or her own weaknesses and strengths that help develop who they become.

I know, Kate this is cheesy. Get to the point. Okay, well how about this. Imagine you are watching a movie. You just popped a bag of popcorn and you begin to settle in to your favorite spot on the couch. The movie is starting and your attention is drawn to the character on the screen. Look at her! She is perfect in every way. From her long flowing hair to her amazing clothes, this woman is the stuff. As you watch the movie you feel like something is missing. I mean she has a red convertible, a handsome boyfriend and an amazing job. Where is the conflict? Where is the moment that I can relate with her and shake my fists in triumph with tears running down my face when she finally overcomes all of her obstacles? Why is her hair so perfect? She just got out of a convertible. This movie is ridiculous.

You see without conflict in life or in movies, we don’t have the chance to become the bigger person. If everything is smooth sailing how will we learn new lessons and improve ourselves? How boring would a movie be if there was no overcoming any trial? It would just be another stupid highlight reel. (You can tell how much I love ESPN by the previous statement.) You will never see anyone’s true character in times of happiness. In problems we can see just who our friends are and who truly matters.

So life without challenges would not be life. Does that mean the problems won’t hurt or that they become fair over time? Absolutely not. But I can say out of experience that the problems I have had to face have taught me lessons that have stuck with me. I learned the hard way, but thanks to jerks and idiots (pardon the heated adjectives, if you please) I am actually a better person.

And now I leave you with an amazing quote from the champ of all champs, Rocky Balboa: “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

So the next time you get in a fix with a difficult person or situation, just smile to yourself and think, “I am bigger and soon enough I will be better.” Stay incredible and strong. May the force be with you.

Loads of Love and Support,

The Flirting INFJ


This story, like most INFJ stories starts with a good book and a deserted bench. A few people are passing by minding their own business. The lighting in this area is perfect for reading and the open space gives a sense of freedom. All is right with the world. The book at my side is carefully opened to reveal words I have never read before. I start to settle in.

Wait. What is that?

My eyes pause from scanning the book.

I feel something. I sense a disturbance in the force.

I see shoes cross the floor and head to the bench directly across from me.

It’s him. I knew it.

Suddenly breathing becomes slightly more difficult and I feel my stomach tie in dozens of tiny knots. Come on just breath. It’s just another human being. You’ve seen several of them today.

They’re all the same. Just another human being…just another human…just another… Time moves quickly and slowly all at once.

Where am I?

Oh, yeah my book.

I was reading…my book.

All the voices of previous advice crowd my head.

“Talk to him!” they scream. “Just say something! Get his attention!”

I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t let him read my face. I can’t let him turn me down. I can’t relive that free fall again. I can’t let him think I noticed him. He can’t know. It’s too much.

I feel my face get tingly and pinkish. The clock is mocking me. I have now lost all sense of time. I need some air.

I get up.

My heart is still racing. I am now out of sight. Maybe he didn’t even notice. I doubt he even looked. It’s a routine, you know. He does this every day. I don’t think he noticed me.

Why did I even wear this shirt? Pink isn’t really my color. I don’t think he even looked up. Well, not that I would know considering I didn’t have the nerve to look up from Jane Austen’s poetic descriptions of love and society.

I look up at the ceiling and sigh. I guess that means I failed again. Maybe next time. Yeah, next time.

Loads of Love,

Things To Do When You’re Sad


Hello every person in the blogosphere! Hope you are just peachy, every single one of you. To be honest, as of this moment I am in a Blah mood. (Blah moods are those horrible emotions you get when you realize tomorrow is Monday, or you failed an important test or your crush prefers blonds over awesome curly headed brunettes. *Sigh* I know, life can be such a tease.) So I figured instead of wallowing in my copious amounts of self pity and crying until my face hurts, I decided to create a list of thing to do to make those Blah Blues fly out the window and hopefully splat directly in some random volcano where no one will ever find them again.

Ya ready? Me too! Let’s go!


1. Hug something– I know this one is cliché, but it works. Something about squeezing an object until it cannot breath or blink just makes people feel better. So drop whatever sad/depressing thing you are doing and go hug something! Anything! A pillow, your teddy, that random jacket that you never wear out in public, a random stranger on the street, anything! (Although the random stranger thing can get you in to some deep problems i.e. restraining orders or bright purple shiners, so maybe try hugging someone you are somewhat familiar with.) Fun fact of the day, did you know that the desire to squeeze a tiny or cute object (puppies, babies, kittens) can actually be scientifically explained? Apparently when the brain sees something small and adorable, it links it to a slight tingle of aggression, causing the person to want to squeeze the adorable object. There’s your science lesson for the day. You’re welcome.


2. Sing your favorite song…in a funny voice– Okay, this is very juvenile, I know, but you can’t tell me it’s not fun! Whether it’s a weird accent or a Kermit the Frog voice, it just makes you feel better. Just don’t be surprised when your parents barge in to your room because they heard a strange sound. Apparently “Get Lucky” with an operatic overtone is not their cup of tea. *Sigh* Everyone’s a critic.

3. Doodle– Even if you are not artistically inclined, just drawing something out on a blank page with bright colors and loads of squiggly lines just eases your mind. Things start to melt away and you begin to live in a moment of solitude. Unleashing your creative side helps flush out negative energy and allows your brain to do something other than focus on what so and so said about you or what happened in class yesterday. It allows you to be in the moment and drift to a happy place. Although I would recommend you not show off your emotional doodles to a captive audience unless you are da Vinci or something. Otherwise you may get quite a few stares and a sudden gap of personal space.


4. Get physical– No, this has nothing to do with anything romantic. It has to do with getting sweaty and sometimes a little sore. Exercising increases endorphins (the little cells dancing around in your body that make you get the warm fuzzies), gives you a sense of accomplishment and preps your body for a night of good rest. It doesn’t have to be a marathon or a Chuck Norris training video. Just take a walk, hike a peaceful trail, jog to the end of your street or power walk at the mall (while shopping, of course!). Getting up and moving just makes you feel incredible. On top of that it increases metabolism, decreases stress and soothes the mind. What’s not to love? Well, except the smell. That I could definitely do without.

cat love

5. Confess your undying love– This one sounds really delusional, but I guarantee it will make you feel slightly better. (Or maybe slightly embarrassed.) Have a celebrity crush? Get out their picture. Have a favorite food? Snatch it out of the fridge. Is your iPhone your everything? Get it out of your pocket. Now, tell it/her/him how much you love it/her/him. Pretend as though this is the last time you will ever see this special something/someone and just let it rip. Even better, put on your best “I’m in a soap opera and this is my big teary monologue that will hopefully move me on to bigger and better things” face and give it all you got, baby! I promise I am not completely delusional. You see, when we get sad, we tend to get serious about ourselves and our problems. Not that this is a bad thing, it’s just that your brain can only take so much serious/negative energy. After a while, it gets exhausted and needs a little light hearted fun. And what is sillier than caressing a tub of cookie dough and confessing your undying love/affection for it or dropping a cheesy pickup line just because you care? After all, cookie dough has been with you through everything, you know. Give it some credit. Ga’head. You know you wanna.

So those are just a few ways to get your mind off of those nasty Blah moments. (And I must add that you probably want to do these things in the privacy of your own room. Just to be safe…) I hope you are not in a Blah mood, but if you are, don’t fret. They don’t last forever. I know you will feel better in no time! Stay incredible.

Loads of Love,