Holocaust Rings


A dimmed sphere
Catching rays of light
The polish of life is gone
No warmth to be found again
They are tokens of love
Promise of life
Now cast aside
Like stones in water
Sinking in memories of peace
A heart wrenching vision
Hate thickens the air
Few can really breathe
Hope seems lost
And has shattered on the ground
But, look, a glisten
Though they cannot come back
We can remember
The price of hate
The effect of apathy
The grip of fear
The blindness of malice
They are not lost
They have passed on
But they will not be forgotten
The spheres shall hold them
In our hearts and minds
They remain theirs
They are the hope
Of a better tomorrow
That one ounce of chance
We all frantically search for
Now we see
Even night cannot hide light.


2 thoughts on “Holocaust Rings

  1. It’s so sad isn’t it? We have a museum here in Melbourne with belongings found after the Holocaust. And to know this did not happen so long ago is really shocking.

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