Shopping Cleanses the Soul


Hello everyone! As you can probably tell from the transparent title, today I had the pleasure of going shopping on a random Tuesday. If you have never taken a random day to just roam around shops and stare to your heart’s content, please drop whatever boring thing you are doing right now and just do it…unless that boring thing is reading this post…in that case, stick around for a little while longer and then you are dismissed.

The shopping I did today was indeed very random. I perused several stores of different sorts and it felt so good. I purchased a few items that make my heart melt any time I look at them. (This happens too often. If I fall in love with something and take it home, you best believe I will have to get it out to look at it quite frequently.)

The first two items I bought (no surprise) were some albums. The first is Loverboy’s ‘Get Lucky.’ (And no, it does not have any relation to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky.’ Both are pretty awesome though.) The second is Bryan Adams ‘Cuts Like a Knife.’ I never realized how handsome Bryan Adams was until I found this record in an antique store. (Again, no surprise, an antique store. I am a creature of habit. A very happy creature, though.)


The second item I bought out of a sheer gut instinct was these pants. If you look up the definition of ‘psychedelic’ these pants will be seen alongside a picture of Woodstock. These things make me cheese until I can’t stand it. They are so unique and remind me of spring and happiness. *Throws flower petals everywhere to add to the effect*


As you can see (sort of if you aren’t dizzy from the poor picture quality…my bad…) the patterns are colorful and one of a kind. All the colors coincide to create a pretty awesome garment. *Sigh* I love color.

Patern 1

The third and final item of the day was this sunny bag. I had no intention of buying a purse (due to the addiction I have to cute bags/clutches/purses etc.) but this little guy was screaming, ‘Kate! Look at me! You need me! I need you! Take me home!!!’ So I couldn’t leave him like that. That would be cruel and inhumane…*cough cough* I simply adore the color yellow and this little guy makes it that much more awesome. It’s an Anne Klein cross body (although I prefer using just the handles) and the interior is a navy blue with white floral splotches. (Sorry, I couldn’t get a clear image for the interior. You will just have to take my word for it.)

Anne Klein

So that was my day. Loads of shopping and a lot of soul cleansing. Now that I think about it, my soul could use some TLC more often. Yeah, it’s therapeutic so I can do it all I want…yeah, that sounds legit.

Have a fabulous one where ever you are! And don’t forget to attend your ‘therapy’ *wink wink* sessions! They are so worth your time!

Loads of Love,


4 thoughts on “Shopping Cleanses the Soul

  1. Loving the pants!!!! Im guilty of buying stuff off ASOS sometimes 4 times a week, my soul needs to be cleansed way too often lol

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