My Warm Fuzzies List


Hello all! I hope you all are having a fantastic day. In my little chunk of the world there is tons of cold white substance all over the ground and trees. It’s quite beautiful until you get smacked in the face with a glob of it the size of a soft ball. (Then it is war. Quite literally.) So with all the cold and frigid snow, I figured I would make a list of things that give me the warm fuzzies. (And if you didn’t know, the warm fuzzies is that incredible feeling you get that makes you slowly smile like you have an extra special secret you pinky promised you would never tell or the feeling of dreaming in a extra warm bed with soft pillows and no alarm clock to screech at you. Well, that’s how it makes me feel anyway.)

So let’s get this show on the road. Without further ado or rambling, here is my list:

1. Records– If you know me, you know that records are probably one of my favorite things…ever. Just feeling the ridges on my fingertips makes me smile. The sound is completely different from anything you will ever hear. It makes you want to sit in a big paisley easy chair in front of a fire place and read. It makes me feel cozy and at home to hear my favorite records. *Sigh* I think I need a moment…


2. Cute shoes– “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world,” Marilyn Monroe famously said. And boy was she right. Just ask Dorothy. The right shoes can make me cheese all day. (Especially if they are red!) Man’s best friend is his dog. Woman’s best friend is her shoes. They come in enough sizes, colors, shapes, styles and heights to make your head spin. They stick with you through thick and thin and compliment anything you are wearing. Need I say more?


3. Art– Let me be the first to admit that I love museums (especially if they are filled with art!) A few years ago I had the opportunity to go to New York City. Part of the trip was going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (I wanted to go to the Guggenheim, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time.) I was absolutely giddy looking at all the paintings, sculptures, sketches and historical artifacts that lined those majestic rooms. My classmates however were less than thrilled. Apparently the Abercrombie and Fitch at Times Square had shirtless models handing out coupons and photo ops so most of them were already anxious to be going. At the moment I was too enthralled with van Gogh and Monet to care about a ripped shirtless guy with a silly piece of paper.

We spent close to two hours looking through the museum but it only felt like a few minutes for me. Every room contained so much passion and life! I could have spent days just examining everything they had to show. Art has always been a strong passion for me and I love having the chance to observe the work of up-and-coming and prolific artists. *Sigh* I think I need another moment…


4. Antique stores– Okay, this is probably the weirdest one of my list. Something about walking into an antique store just takes my breath away! (Maybe it’s the musty smell…but I’m assuming it’s the starry eyed nostalgia of it all. Yes, that sounds more romantic. Let’s go with that.)

Being surrounded by so many old and different things makes my head want to explode with happiness. I suppose that’s where the record and old camera collecting comes in. Just knowing that someone like me at some point in the past used those items and never thought of their significance fascinates me. Old items tend to have better craftsmanship. (In some cases improvements were necessary, granted.) I love being able to take home a little camera that hasn’t been used in decades and cleaning it up and placing it with my other items. It’s as if it becomes part of a family again. (And yes, I have a tendency of naming inanimate objects. Judge me if you will.)

5. Old houses– Again with the ‘old’ fascination, I know. (Kate, you are so predictable.) Old houses just scream “Look at me! I have so many stories to tell you! Just sit down and let me take you to another time.” I am bound and determined to live in a small old house. That is my life goal. I know many people want to build skyscrapers that cost millions of dollars and hours of labor, but that is just not in me.

I want to take an old home, spiff it up and give it another chance to live again. I love the thought of creaky old wood floors and a small cozy kitchen to fix a warm breakfast in every morning. I can just picture Vinnie (my record player) sitting in the corner of my living room playing Floyd Cramer as I read a magazine and sip some ice cold sweet tea. Add a small sofa, a few book shelves, some paintings and maybe a cat and I am set for life. (Now I really can’t stop cheesing.)

I hope you all have things in your lives that give you the warm fuzzies. Life’s too short to not enjoy the little things that make you smile from ear to ear. I hope you have a good one wherever you are! And if you have anything that makes you happy, I would love to hear about it! Stay amazing, please.

Lots of Love,


4 thoughts on “My Warm Fuzzies List

  1. I totally agree with you about the antique stores!
    The fact that each tiny little object in there, however unimportant it may be, has some sort of story behind it. I could spend hours in them, browsing the shelves wondering who owned the objects and why they where abandoned.
    Oooh, you’ve most definitely panted that warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy now!

  2. Old houses! My gosh how i love them! When i feel like going for a walk, i sometimes drive myself to a suburb i’ve never been to and walk around their neighborhood to look at all the wonderful houses. That gives me the fuzzies 🙂

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