The Saddest/Happiest Day on Earth


It’s coming soon. It’s coated in chocolates and sprinkled with rose petals. It gives you a tingly sensation in the pit of your stomach and makes you feel light headed. Pinks and reds line everything you see from cards to bears and flowers. Everyone is looking for that someone who can make fireworks explode in their fast beating heart. In this pursuit they buy anything that resembles love (at three times the price, mind you.)

I must admit, even though I see that Valentine’s Day is just another day, I still manage to feel all mushy. Maybe it’s all the pink. Maybe the smell of chocolate makes me a little delusional. Maybe the stuffed bears make me want to just hug someone, anyone, everyone. ‘La Vie en Rose’ becomes the permanent soundtrack in my mind as I walk through my day. I don’t know what it is, but it drives me insane. (Not the ‘La Vie en Rose’ part. I actually love that part.) It’s been this way since I was in elementary school.

I slaved away at making my bag covered in pink glitter and red hearts and teddy bears. I carefully picked out my valentines and wrote out everything with my special pen set making sure I didn’t misspell any names. (After all, who wants a valentine given to them if their name is misspelled? No one. Absolutely no one.) Of course out of that box of valentines, there are always the risqué ones that actually express love in its truest form. (‘You drive me bananas’, ‘Please bee mine’, ‘You’re the peanut to my jelly’ etc.) I automatically imagined my crush and a bright red blush flooded my face. I carefully write out his name and put little hearts by it. (Every girl knows that the little hearts make or break the valentine message. One sloppy heart could mean a lifetime of solitude and multiple cats.)

Without a thought I put the valentine in my bag and continued filling out the other cards. Of course the not so impressive cards are given to the girl who pulled your hair last week in recess and that one boy that calls you names. It’s just the rules. Don’t question the rules.

Finally Valentine’s Day is here. I carefully hand them out to everyone except…him! He’s standing there talking to one of his friends. My hands shake a little and I gulp.

‘What if he thinks I have cooties! After all, he said we were friends. Friends don’t give friends cards with loads if hearts and sentimental notes on them. Friends play Cowboys and Indians on the playground and race to the line when it’s time to go inside. He will think I’m icky!

Quickly I rid myself of the cursed valentine and quickly rummage through my extra cards I always brought just in case.

‘No! Oh no! I don’t have any more nice cards! Just those cruddy ones!’

The teacher announces that we are about to go outside and we have to finish up with our exchanges. I sigh and quickly scratch his name on the card. I give it to him and he wrinkles his nose. Apparently I do have cooties and he didn’t give me a card anyway. I’m left feeling like Charlie Brown. But at least I didn’t give him the first card. That would have resulted in years of snickering and cootie accusations.

images (1)

You see, Valentine’s Day can be quite cruel yet I still manage to love it in some sick way. I can’t explain it and maybe I never will, but that’s okay. I still love all the pink and red boxes and cards!

So here’s to you Valentine’s Day. No doubt you will have my sentiments for years to come. Save some chocolate for me. I think I’m gonna need it.

Have a fantastic day and a love filled Valentine’s Day! (And don’t get any cooties!)

Loads of Love,


2 thoughts on “The Saddest/Happiest Day on Earth

  1. Giving Valentines day cards in schools never happens in Australia and i dont think they would allow it either. Valentines day here isn’t really a big deal and mainly young new couples celebrate it, but for most of us it’s just another day. Advertising isn’t too big here either for this little holiday which i hope stays that way. Your little story is kind of cute but im sure it didn’t make you feel good at the time 😦 When i was single i usually spent Valentines day with a close girlfriend of mine and giggled at all the cheesy couples he he he

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