Mistaking Meekness for Weakness


If you’re like me, you have been called these names your whole life: sensitive, emotional, cry baby, emotionally unstable, thin skinned, timid, shy etc. If you Google search ‘meek’, the result is “quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive.” What is one of the first words people think of when they hear the word ‘meek’?


I have heard it all my life. Being meek is mostly frowned upon in society. It means you tend to be more on the quiet side, submissive and a pushover. But does the majority rule on the definition?

In my opinion, no.

You see, most of the meek people I know tend to be very caring and thoughtful individuals. They think of the well being of others as well as themselves. They care about the world around them. They think about their actions and how they affect others. They see pain and hurt but they still heal and help. They love even when it is not reciprocated. So pray tell, how is that weak?

You see, it takes a lot of bravery and guts to be kind. It’s hard to hold out your hand to someone who will in turn try to take advantage of your thoughtfulness. It takes guts to be the one that is the odd one out that prefers to read or draw alone when everyone else is busy gossiping about everyone else. It’s hard to be the one no one wants to talk to because you know that sometimes silence is beautiful. It’s a challenge to walk into a room and have someone tear you apart just because they don’t think you will fight back or that you don’t have the strength to stand up for yourself. It’s torment knowing that people whisper about you because they don’t get you at all. It takes a strong person to deal with that on a daily basis and keep on being the best they can be. Anyone can be cold and indifferent. It takes true bravery to be kind.

So go ahead. Call me weak, humble, timid, mousy and soft. I consider it a compliment to be labeled with the meek and quiet. I am who I am and I refuse to see it as a disadvantage or a shame. Please don’t let anyone tell you that you are weak just because you are meek. It takes bravery to be who you are. Please don’t change! You are already so amazing!

Loads of Love, Support and Hugs,


6 thoughts on “Mistaking Meekness for Weakness

  1. Oh Kate this is the story of my life! At work people think im playing a game going “under the radar” because i am quiet and don’t play politics. There are always labels put on people who are introverted and it gets me all fired up inside. I am not purposely going under the radar”, this is just my no bullshit and quiet personality.

    It takes SO MUCH bravery, resilience and strength to face these things on a daily ongoing basis, i just hate it when people see a more meek person they think they have a right to take advantage of that and place their negetive energy on us.

    Great post 🙂 And you are amazing too.

  2. Great post! I loved it. I agree with you, being kind takes courage, specially when we know we might be risking ourselves to receiving some rude attitude for our kindness.
    I often forget that being kind does not equal to not being strong, so thanks for reminding me! you are amazing 🙂

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