Holocaust Rings


A dimmed sphere
Catching rays of light
The polish of life is gone
No warmth to be found again
They are tokens of love
Promise of life
Now cast aside
Like stones in water
Sinking in memories of peace
A heart wrenching vision
Hate thickens the air
Few can really breathe
Hope seems lost
And has shattered on the ground
But, look, a glisten
Though they cannot come back
We can remember
The price of hate
The effect of apathy
The grip of fear
The blindness of malice
They are not lost
They have passed on
But they will not be forgotten
The spheres shall hold them
In our hearts and minds
They remain theirs
They are the hope
Of a better tomorrow
That one ounce of chance
We all frantically search for
Now we see
Even night cannot hide light.


Opposites Attract?


Hello all! I thought I would delve deeper in the magical world of this INFJ’s head. Get ready; this is going to be complicated. It’s a little more personal in nature, so if you cringe at the thought of reading someone’s mushy gushy emotions and thoughts, this post isn’t for you. Run. Run away as fast as you can. Otherwise, let’s get this show on the road!

When it comes to romance and matters of the heart, INFJs are the ultimate romantic. We love giving affection to people we truly love. Writing letters, spending relaxing evenings and telling our overwhelmingly strong feelings is just part of the process. I am bad about writing poetry and other sentiments. (Of course once my heart has been trampled and thoroughly diced into tiny melancholy pieces, I soon regret showing my ‘handy work’ to an audience. Rejection for an INFJ is beyond painful.)

To be honest, I normally don’t have a fascination for people who are completely opposite from me, but now that has changed. I recently have made a connection with an ISTP and I am enthralled. I don’t know if it’s sheer fascination or attraction. I really don’t. He throws me off completely and it feels like a free fall from the Grand Canyon. I don’t know if I should freak out or just enjoy the ride.

Of course I have a theory as to why I am feeling this way. If you read about ISTPs, you will see that besides being introverted they are completely opposite from INFJs. When I trust my instinct he trusts his senses. When I feel my way through life, he is analyzing his next move. I prefer to have plans and have a general idea of what I’m about to do. He, however loves the thrill of just driving out to the middle of nowhere on a whim and skydiving off the nearest tall object. He is incredibly calm at all times and doesn’t really show deep emotion.

Of course, INFJ’s can seem emotionless at first because we tend to be ‘cold’ on the outside and warm on the inside, so to speak. ISTPs, however tend to not dwell on raw emotion like INFJs do. (One thing these two types have in common is sarcasm. Thank heavens. Sarcasm is my second language.)

Of course I have heard my whole life that opposites attract, but are INFJs and ISTPs too different to maintain a solid healthy relationship? That is the question. I personally feel as though I am going insane in a calming sort of way. When I first met him he threw me completely off guard. I had ‘studied’ him previously with no definite idea of who he was. I don’t interact with him often because I just don’t know how to act.

This is absolutely foreign to me because I can normally walk up to anyone I find interesting and strike up a conversation about their interests and talk for hours and end up making friends with them. They will end up telling me their worst fears, family issues, strange hobbies etc. within a matter of minutes. (And yes, I know it sounds strange that an introvert can do this, but once an INFJ is determined to figure you out we are extremely persistent and will confidently waltz right over and get to know you better. This is not exactly a normal occurrence due to exhaustion from too much social interaction, so if an INFJ wants to talk take it as a compliment. We think you’re pretty cool!)

My first time speaking to him left me feeling like I took a Norfolk-Southern to the chest after checking several times if the coast was clear. He is the ultimate blind side. I had asked him a simple question about a class we had together and he answered in a sarcastic way with a slight smirk. The last thing I would have expected was a smart answer coupled with a smirk. I mean come on. It was a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. At that moment I wrote him off as a jerk. I instantly shut down and began to walk away. (Once I have labeled you as insensitive you may as well prepare to never speak to me in this lifetime. I will never bother you again, I reassure you.)

What happened next was unexpected. He followed me. Yes, literally moved his body from his current position just to clarify what I had missed in class and so on. That was shocking. I believed he truly thought I was an idiot and a waste of space, and then he follows me and tells me all about class. Wow. On top of that I had never heard him utter more than five words, so it was nice to know he wasn’t a flesh eating robot from Mars or something of that caliber.

I have had a few more interactions besides that one and I am still fascinated. Maybe it’s just because he is my polar opposite. Yeah, we’ll go with that. I thought about approaching him again, but I feel as though I may just be aggravating him and wasting his time. Since he is the ‘strong and silent’ type, he has girls falling all over him. (He’s not too shabby to look at either.) I don’t want to look desperate or like his ultimate fan. Believe me, I am neither. I just want to figure him out and get some peace. Maybe then my brain will stop bringing him up. My intuition is telling me he would be very interesting and there is more to him than meets the eye. Now I just have to get my nerves to stop shaking and my mouth to say the right thing. (That’s a challenge within itself.)

It’s crazy how you can talk with one person and you suddenly start to lose your sanity. Of course, being the researcher that I am, I have found several interesting articles about ISTPs. You should definitely check them out. They are pretty cool.

So I have to ask, do you think opposites make a good team or are they a ticking time bomb? I would love to hear what you think!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to do something to preoccupy my busy mind. Have a good one wherever you are! Stay awesome.

Loads of Love,

Some Southernisms


As you may know, I am indeed a Southerner. By that I mean a citizen of the states below the Mason Dixon. Southern culture is quite unique from different areas of the U.S. One of the many things that make us so unique is our colloquialisms. Sometimes people from different regions do not understand Southern slang, so I am here to be your tour guide through the magical and humid world of Southern culture. Ya ready? Let’s go!

Bless your/his/her heart– Okay this is practically the staple and building block of Southern vernacular. No doubt the early settlers of the South shook their weary heads in pity and said this timeless phrase to the neighbor that just couldn’t get anything right. You see, ‘Bless (insert pronoun here) heart’ is basically a license for someone to say anything bad about you that they want. If one does not bless your heart before speaking a harsh truth about you they are automatically seen as cruel and insensitive.

Normally the insults that follow the heart blessing are things that are blatantly obvious but for some reason were necessary to point out. Don’t misunderstand though; Southerners aren’t necessarily mean, vicious people. It’s actually like saying ‘No offense’ or ‘Sorry’ before giving a blow that could crush someone’s hopes and dreams. The blessing reassures that no ill will is intended, but rather that whatever flaw the subject has needs to be pointed out at that given moment. (A book could be written about this phrase. Believe me.)


Now that you know the basic phrase of the South, allow me to introduce you to some lines that can soon follow a good heart blessing. (And yes, these are all insults. Please note this post is all in good fun…unless the shoe fits…)

Ugly Insults

He/she is uglier than homemade sin– This is a common saying that you would no doubt hear if you were to visit the South. Sin of course is the ugliest substance on earth. Nothing can be compared to it, really. Then of course, the homemade part is the adjective that really hits it home. (Everyone knows that homemade anything is pretty much destined to be quite homely.)In other words, that person is not just as ugly as sin, they are uglier than a batch of homemade sin. That’s gotta hurt.

He/she fell outta the ugly tree and hit every branch on their way down– This one always makes me laugh…I know, I’m horrible. (Naughty Kate.) Of course it isn’t enough to hit just one brach on the ugly tree. This person went all out.

He/she could make a train take a dirt road– Another funny one. The thought of a train actually derailing and detouring on a dirt road is quite an interesting visual. They must look pretty bad.

He/she was beat in the face with the ugly stick– A variation of the ugly tree. No doubt the stick used in this assault was pulled from the ugly tree. It just makes sense.

Intellectual Insults

He/she is too poor to pay attention– You know once you’ve reached this point, you don’t have much. This can also be used as a financial insult.

He/she don’t have the brains the dear Lord gave a fence post– This one is pretty easy. To be honest, I have met a few people that could qualify for this one.

He/she ain’t firing on all four cylinders– If you know anything about cars, you know this means they aren’t exactly working at capacity…mentally speaking.

He/she wouldn’t know their hind end from a hole in the ground– This one is pretty common and comes in more crude variations, if you catch my drift.

He/she is a few bricks shy of a load– This one’s pretty bad. You gotta watch these kinds of people. Watch them really close.

Well those are a few insults that you may come across down South. There are many more that I have neglected to mention, but if I wrote about them all we would be here for a long time. Trust me on that one. I probably had too much fun writing this post…nah. I hope you have a good one wherever you are!

Loads of Love,

Shopping Cleanses the Soul


Hello everyone! As you can probably tell from the transparent title, today I had the pleasure of going shopping on a random Tuesday. If you have never taken a random day to just roam around shops and stare to your heart’s content, please drop whatever boring thing you are doing right now and just do it…unless that boring thing is reading this post…in that case, stick around for a little while longer and then you are dismissed.

The shopping I did today was indeed very random. I perused several stores of different sorts and it felt so good. I purchased a few items that make my heart melt any time I look at them. (This happens too often. If I fall in love with something and take it home, you best believe I will have to get it out to look at it quite frequently.)

The first two items I bought (no surprise) were some albums. The first is Loverboy’s ‘Get Lucky.’ (And no, it does not have any relation to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky.’ Both are pretty awesome though.) The second is Bryan Adams ‘Cuts Like a Knife.’ I never realized how handsome Bryan Adams was until I found this record in an antique store. (Again, no surprise, an antique store. I am a creature of habit. A very happy creature, though.)


The second item I bought out of a sheer gut instinct was these pants. If you look up the definition of ‘psychedelic’ these pants will be seen alongside a picture of Woodstock. These things make me cheese until I can’t stand it. They are so unique and remind me of spring and happiness. *Throws flower petals everywhere to add to the effect*


As you can see (sort of if you aren’t dizzy from the poor picture quality…my bad…) the patterns are colorful and one of a kind. All the colors coincide to create a pretty awesome garment. *Sigh* I love color.

Patern 1

The third and final item of the day was this sunny bag. I had no intention of buying a purse (due to the addiction I have to cute bags/clutches/purses etc.) but this little guy was screaming, ‘Kate! Look at me! You need me! I need you! Take me home!!!’ So I couldn’t leave him like that. That would be cruel and inhumane…*cough cough* I simply adore the color yellow and this little guy makes it that much more awesome. It’s an Anne Klein cross body (although I prefer using just the handles) and the interior is a navy blue with white floral splotches. (Sorry, I couldn’t get a clear image for the interior. You will just have to take my word for it.)

Anne Klein

So that was my day. Loads of shopping and a lot of soul cleansing. Now that I think about it, my soul could use some TLC more often. Yeah, it’s therapeutic so I can do it all I want…yeah, that sounds legit.

Have a fabulous one where ever you are! And don’t forget to attend your ‘therapy’ *wink wink* sessions! They are so worth your time!

Loads of Love,

Just Another Stereotypical Love Post


I thought in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (a.k.a. The Darkest Day on Earth) I would take a small chunk of my life and talk about crushes. Oh, yes, personal stuff! Who doesn’t like personal stuff, right? I thought I would share some of the things I have learned over the years (ewww, I sound old…) about that four letter word we all have a problem with.

You will always remember your first crush. They are the first person that makes you feel all of those magical butterflies in the pit of your stomach that makes you want to smile and puke at the same time. (I know, love is a crazy thing.) You finally get out of the “Cooties” stage (or you are still in it but refuse to admit you have feelings for that person) and you begin to see things in a whole new way. Suddenly everything that person does is enchanting and worthy of unending praise. Even eating crayons and glue is somehow endearing. I mean who else can cram seven crayons in their mouth like he can? He’s the total package.

One of the most confusing things for me when it came to elementary school love was that boys would be so mean just to get your attention. I mean was it really necessary for you to pull my hair and throw dirt at me at recess? What about that screams ‘affection,’ people? On top of that, I was a bit of a tomboy and I participated in all the races and I won most of them. And to be honest, I wasn’t a very affectionate kid on the outside. On the inside though, was a different story. So anytime another little boy would try to give me something out of affection, I would kind of reject it. (I know, I was horrible. Don’t worry though, they lived.) One boy actually told me he wanted to kiss me on the playground. Being only seven or eight, the thought of one of my friends putting his mouth on mine terrified me.

disgusted baby

Oh yes, that’s the face. I just didn’t see the allure. I was always taught by my parents that I shouldn’t share my juice boxes because of germs, so naturally touching mouths with another human germ trap automatically sent multiple red flags to my juvenile brain. And yeah, he was turned down too.

Then came middle school.

Middle school meant zits, social drama and loads of fruit flavored lip gloss. (Why anyone loved that stuff I will never know.) The boys grew taller and the girls became meaner. Suddenly everyone was dying to fit in. You definitely HAD to have a boyfriend because that’s what everyone else was doing. Of course no one took into consideration that we were pre-teens and had absolutely no earthly idea what a true ‘relationship’ was. Nevertheless when Jody hooked up with John in Social Studies everyone swore they would end up married with four kids and a suburban cottage. Truth be told, it lasted only until Algebra because it turn out that John preferred blondes, which of course as we all know Judy is not.

Many tears were shed, notes written, lines crossed and hearts crushed in the love game called ‘Middle School.’ Hardly anyone made it out unscathed. Looking back on it now makes me laugh and wonder how I could have been so short-sighted. (Undoubtedly I will probably look back on my life as of now within a few year and wonder the same thing.)

After middle school of course came high school. You would think by now the concept of relationships would have set in and we would have become more selective and we would all get along and sing happy songs like they do in High School Musical…


Yeah, dream on. Granted I wasn’t falling for the stereo typical ‘All American Jock’ anymore due to his jerky ways and impassible ego. No. Now I am falling for the nerdy Dr. Who loving intellectuals. Not too bad kid, not too bad. That is until I soon realized that Dr. Who and Star Wars is as deep as it goes. No romance, emotional connections or thoughts of dating are found. It’s a classical Error 404: connection to reality not found. Bummer.

Then comes college. I soon realized that people are not to be labeled. There is so much more to a person than ‘geek,’ ‘Trekky,’ ‘jock,’ or ‘prep.’ Believe it or not, they actually have names! Names that they respond to! These guys have dreams, fears, thoughts, ideas, the whole nine yards! Wow. Pretty impressive. Who knew?

To be honest, I know this is the part of the post when I tell you all has ended well and that I have found all the solutions to life’s multitude of problems and predicaments, but alas I have not. (Plot twist!!!) I still haven’t found out why guys like to burp or why girls love Zac Efron…well, I do know the answer to the Zac Efron part… but I am working on it. One thing I have figured out is that life is a continuous learning process. Am I guaranteed to find the answers? Nah. But that doesn’t mean I will give up trying! I shall continue to research until the end of time! (Or at least until the end of me…)


Oh, yes. I love me some Zac Efron. Best wishes and stay amazing!

Loads of Love,

My Warm Fuzzies List


Hello all! I hope you all are having a fantastic day. In my little chunk of the world there is tons of cold white substance all over the ground and trees. It’s quite beautiful until you get smacked in the face with a glob of it the size of a soft ball. (Then it is war. Quite literally.) So with all the cold and frigid snow, I figured I would make a list of things that give me the warm fuzzies. (And if you didn’t know, the warm fuzzies is that incredible feeling you get that makes you slowly smile like you have an extra special secret you pinky promised you would never tell or the feeling of dreaming in a extra warm bed with soft pillows and no alarm clock to screech at you. Well, that’s how it makes me feel anyway.)

So let’s get this show on the road. Without further ado or rambling, here is my list:

1. Records– If you know me, you know that records are probably one of my favorite things…ever. Just feeling the ridges on my fingertips makes me smile. The sound is completely different from anything you will ever hear. It makes you want to sit in a big paisley easy chair in front of a fire place and read. It makes me feel cozy and at home to hear my favorite records. *Sigh* I think I need a moment…


2. Cute shoes– “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world,” Marilyn Monroe famously said. And boy was she right. Just ask Dorothy. The right shoes can make me cheese all day. (Especially if they are red!) Man’s best friend is his dog. Woman’s best friend is her shoes. They come in enough sizes, colors, shapes, styles and heights to make your head spin. They stick with you through thick and thin and compliment anything you are wearing. Need I say more?


3. Art– Let me be the first to admit that I love museums (especially if they are filled with art!) A few years ago I had the opportunity to go to New York City. Part of the trip was going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (I wanted to go to the Guggenheim, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time.) I was absolutely giddy looking at all the paintings, sculptures, sketches and historical artifacts that lined those majestic rooms. My classmates however were less than thrilled. Apparently the Abercrombie and Fitch at Times Square had shirtless models handing out coupons and photo ops so most of them were already anxious to be going. At the moment I was too enthralled with van Gogh and Monet to care about a ripped shirtless guy with a silly piece of paper.

We spent close to two hours looking through the museum but it only felt like a few minutes for me. Every room contained so much passion and life! I could have spent days just examining everything they had to show. Art has always been a strong passion for me and I love having the chance to observe the work of up-and-coming and prolific artists. *Sigh* I think I need another moment…


4. Antique stores– Okay, this is probably the weirdest one of my list. Something about walking into an antique store just takes my breath away! (Maybe it’s the musty smell…but I’m assuming it’s the starry eyed nostalgia of it all. Yes, that sounds more romantic. Let’s go with that.)

Being surrounded by so many old and different things makes my head want to explode with happiness. I suppose that’s where the record and old camera collecting comes in. Just knowing that someone like me at some point in the past used those items and never thought of their significance fascinates me. Old items tend to have better craftsmanship. (In some cases improvements were necessary, granted.) I love being able to take home a little camera that hasn’t been used in decades and cleaning it up and placing it with my other items. It’s as if it becomes part of a family again. (And yes, I have a tendency of naming inanimate objects. Judge me if you will.)

5. Old houses– Again with the ‘old’ fascination, I know. (Kate, you are so predictable.) Old houses just scream “Look at me! I have so many stories to tell you! Just sit down and let me take you to another time.” I am bound and determined to live in a small old house. That is my life goal. I know many people want to build skyscrapers that cost millions of dollars and hours of labor, but that is just not in me.

I want to take an old home, spiff it up and give it another chance to live again. I love the thought of creaky old wood floors and a small cozy kitchen to fix a warm breakfast in every morning. I can just picture Vinnie (my record player) sitting in the corner of my living room playing Floyd Cramer as I read a magazine and sip some ice cold sweet tea. Add a small sofa, a few book shelves, some paintings and maybe a cat and I am set for life. (Now I really can’t stop cheesing.)

I hope you all have things in your lives that give you the warm fuzzies. Life’s too short to not enjoy the little things that make you smile from ear to ear. I hope you have a good one wherever you are! And if you have anything that makes you happy, I would love to hear about it! Stay amazing, please.

Lots of Love,

Cons of Being an INFJ

Charlie Brown

Hello everyone!

Here recently I have been doing research on being an INFJ and how other INFJ’s describe their thought patterns, daily lives, social interactions etc. The information I have found is definitely relatable to my own life. When I read these posts and articles I am literally reading with an intense jaw-dropped face. (I didn’t know anyone else felt the same way I did this whole time!) As you can tell from this post’s title, I wanted to discuss some common cons that INFJ’s tend to experience. (Please note that I love being an INFJ and other INFJs. This is not an ‘INFJ bashing post’ or an ‘air out my dirty laundry complaint’ post. It is only a summary of previous observation and research. I hope you enjoy!)

For starters, I compiled a short list of common quirks most INFJs have:
• No sense of how others see you
• Doesn’t take criticism well
• Hard to be understood

The first quirk (no sense of how others see you) is a common thing INFJs experience. I know I can peg someone else’s social ‘status’ and personality before most people can. I tend to know who to trust or who to dodge. I can tell if someone is nervous, concerned, intimidated etc. even if they are trying to hide it. That is definitely a pro because it allows you to see a problem and connect with that person and maybe even help find a solution to the problem or calm their nerves.

The con is that most INFJs can’t see how others see themselves. I literally have no clue if someone likes me or what they could be thinking of me at any given moment. (Weird, huh?) Of course if you spit in my face or call me inappropriate names, I will safely assume that I am probably not your favorite person. (I’m quite the Sherlock Holmes, I know.)


Daw, thanks. That’s very sweet of you.

But as far as knowing if people trust or truly know me, I will never know. And I think that’s where the ‘INFJs care too much about what others think about them’ thing comes in. Apparently many INFJs have been accused of over thinking about what others feel about them. Why we do (in my opinion) is because we really don’t know. Just imagine being able to gauge someone just by looking at them and then looking in the mirror and seeing a giant question mark. That’s what it’s like. (It’s very frustrating, mind you.) My life’s joy and entertainment is from observing and figuring people out and the person I am supposed to know the best is the one that puzzles me most. Ah the irony.

The second normality has haunted me all my life. People always tell me, “Kate, why are you being so sensitive? I am not attacking you. I am just giving you some constructive criticism.” To be honest, criticism always seems personal to me. INFJs tend to feel deep emotion and practically any form of criticism sends sharp poison drenched arrows straight to their fragile loving hearts.

Is it intended for good?

It may be.

Is it perceived as good or helpful?

Nope. Hardly ever.

Why? Because INFJs are sensitive to negative words (especially about themselves). I know I feel as though I have failed somehow or I am distorted if I am criticized. I have been working on trying to not take things so hard (or at least putting on a poker face until I can remove myself to a private room and ‘feel’ my guts out.) It’s difficult, but I haven’t died from it…at least not yet.

Probably the most common complaint most INFJs have is not being understood. Since we only make up 1-3% of the population (this statistic varies from source to source), it poses quite a task to find another INFJ to tell all our troubles to. I know when I try to explain my feelings to other people I tend to get the cock eyed stare a dog gives you when you speak something he has never heard before.


Yeah, kinda like that.

Some days I feel like I am wearing a neon sign that says “Different: Proceed with Caution.” Sometimes it’s hard to understand others as well, to be frank. I suppose the rarity of the INFJ is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you can help people by listening and trying to understand and feel what they are going through. The curse is going through those same situations and having no one to understand (or even care for that matter) what you are going through.

So those are a few common variables in the social interactions of the INFJ. I hope you have enjoyed and if you can relate, feel free to comment below. It won’t cost you a dime, I promise. Just some time and thought!

Have a good one wherever you are!

Loads of Love,

The Social Chameleon


Ever since I have taken the MBTI test not too long ago, I have been researching and gleaning information about my type. (On a side note, if you don’t know what type you are, I encourage you to give it a go! It’s more fun than you think and it helps you see yourself from the outside in. It’s a fascinating way to think about how you interact with others, deal with stress, view the world etc. Well, I find it fascinating…whether you do or not is out of my control…)

*Okay, I’m going to totally nerd out on you guys. You have been fairly warned. Just keep that in mind.*

My type is INFJ. The thing about INFJ’s is that even though we are introverted, we are infatuated with people. All kinds of people. According to several sources, an INFJ turns into a ‘social chameleon’ when interacting with others. This means that we can seem so comfortable talking to other people and we tend to mimic others’ personalities and blend into the social circle. Some might even assume we are extroverted! (Imagine that…)

I know I see this in myself. It seems that I can catch on to how a person acts within a matter of seconds and the next thing I know I am mimicking their posture, movements, expressions etc. Pretty weird, huh? It’s not that I am trying to ‘fit in’ or be just like anyone else, it’s just natural.

I tend to easily feed off peoples’ emotions and ‘vibes.’ I look for emotion and try to find the source of it. I tend to ‘study’ at a safe distance and draw conclusions in the privacy of my mind. I love getting to know a person and finding out my hunches were right. It’s such an adrenaline rush! (Okay, that was really nerdy.)

I am still collecting facts about my personality type and I am continually amazed at the accuracy of it all. It’s as if I am looking in a mirror. So, what’s your type? Any fellow ‘chameleons’ out there? I would love to hear from you!


Have a great one wherever you are!

Loads of Love,

The Saddest/Happiest Day on Earth


It’s coming soon. It’s coated in chocolates and sprinkled with rose petals. It gives you a tingly sensation in the pit of your stomach and makes you feel light headed. Pinks and reds line everything you see from cards to bears and flowers. Everyone is looking for that someone who can make fireworks explode in their fast beating heart. In this pursuit they buy anything that resembles love (at three times the price, mind you.)

I must admit, even though I see that Valentine’s Day is just another day, I still manage to feel all mushy. Maybe it’s all the pink. Maybe the smell of chocolate makes me a little delusional. Maybe the stuffed bears make me want to just hug someone, anyone, everyone. ‘La Vie en Rose’ becomes the permanent soundtrack in my mind as I walk through my day. I don’t know what it is, but it drives me insane. (Not the ‘La Vie en Rose’ part. I actually love that part.) It’s been this way since I was in elementary school.

I slaved away at making my bag covered in pink glitter and red hearts and teddy bears. I carefully picked out my valentines and wrote out everything with my special pen set making sure I didn’t misspell any names. (After all, who wants a valentine given to them if their name is misspelled? No one. Absolutely no one.) Of course out of that box of valentines, there are always the risqué ones that actually express love in its truest form. (‘You drive me bananas’, ‘Please bee mine’, ‘You’re the peanut to my jelly’ etc.) I automatically imagined my crush and a bright red blush flooded my face. I carefully write out his name and put little hearts by it. (Every girl knows that the little hearts make or break the valentine message. One sloppy heart could mean a lifetime of solitude and multiple cats.)

Without a thought I put the valentine in my bag and continued filling out the other cards. Of course the not so impressive cards are given to the girl who pulled your hair last week in recess and that one boy that calls you names. It’s just the rules. Don’t question the rules.

Finally Valentine’s Day is here. I carefully hand them out to everyone except…him! He’s standing there talking to one of his friends. My hands shake a little and I gulp.

‘What if he thinks I have cooties! After all, he said we were friends. Friends don’t give friends cards with loads if hearts and sentimental notes on them. Friends play Cowboys and Indians on the playground and race to the line when it’s time to go inside. He will think I’m icky!

Quickly I rid myself of the cursed valentine and quickly rummage through my extra cards I always brought just in case.

‘No! Oh no! I don’t have any more nice cards! Just those cruddy ones!’

The teacher announces that we are about to go outside and we have to finish up with our exchanges. I sigh and quickly scratch his name on the card. I give it to him and he wrinkles his nose. Apparently I do have cooties and he didn’t give me a card anyway. I’m left feeling like Charlie Brown. But at least I didn’t give him the first card. That would have resulted in years of snickering and cootie accusations.

images (1)

You see, Valentine’s Day can be quite cruel yet I still manage to love it in some sick way. I can’t explain it and maybe I never will, but that’s okay. I still love all the pink and red boxes and cards!

So here’s to you Valentine’s Day. No doubt you will have my sentiments for years to come. Save some chocolate for me. I think I’m gonna need it.

Have a fantastic day and a love filled Valentine’s Day! (And don’t get any cooties!)

Loads of Love,