The Liebster Award


Hello everyone!

Today when I logged in to WordPress I didn’t expect to see an orange visitor in the upper right corner of my screen, but lo and behold, it was there. Eagerly as usual, I clicked on it to see just what exactly it was. It was from Ms. Lonley Lion and she had nominated me for the Liebster Award. Of course, if you know anything about me, you know that little orange visitors make me cheese until my face hurts, and this time was no exception. So a big thank you goes to Ms. Lonely Lion! Thank you for making my day and causing my face to hurt due to overwhelming happiness! And if you are unfamiliar with Ms. Lonely Lion’s blog, just click on her name and check it out! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

*For starters, here are the rules to the Liebster Award game:

• Thank and link back to the person who ever so graciously nominated you
• Nominate eleven awesome bloggers and let them know just how awesome they are
• Answer the questions your ‘nominator’ (sounds ominous) asked you and think of eleven questions to ask your nominees

*So here are the answers to the questions I was asked:

1. What was your first word?
According to my parents my first word was ‘Dada.’ (Apparently translated as Dad.) How original. No one saw that coming. I’m just full of surprises.

2. What is your biggest aim for 2014?
My biggest aim is probably becoming a better person as a whole. I tend to want to compare myself to other people and set unattainable standards, but for this year, I want to be the best version of myself. (I know cheesy and obscure. Sorry!)

3. Do you have a lucky number? If so, what is it and why?
Oh, I thought this through just the other day when I was driving. My lucky number is 24. It’s even, divisible by many numbers and it’s my date of birth. (How lucky can you get? I mean it’s the day you entered the world. That’s pretty lucky, if you ask me.)

4. Did you have a reason for starting your blog?
I started this blog for the sole purpose of writing and expressing myself. I have always enjoyed writing because it allows me to escape reality for a brief piece of time. Not that reality is bad; it’s just that the world inside my head is cooler. Sorry reality.

5. What’s your all time favourite film?
That’s probably the toughest question in the world for me. But as far as knowing a movie inside and out and watching it repetitively and enjoying every minute of it, I would have to say Marvel’s The Avengers. I mean come on, you have Captain America (my personal favorite *wink wink*), Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Coulson battling it out with Loki of Asgard who is ‘burdened with glorious purpose’ and assisted with an alien army. Need I say more?

No. No I don’t.


6. What’s the best Christmas/birthday present you ever got?
The best present I ever got was my guitar I got a few years ago at Christmas. Although I don’t play it like I should (bad Kate) I still love its sound and simplicity. If only I could play like Jimmy Hendrix. But that requires loads of practice and patience and here lately I have been incredibly lazy. (Again, bad Kate.)

7. Are you superstitious?
Superstitious? No.

Slightly paranoid? Yes.

If you tell me I will inevitably die if I walk under a ladder while smashing thirteen mirrors while also witnessing a black cat parade I would probably shrug you off at the moment. But being the over thinker that I am, I will probably calculate the possibility of that happening and try to avoid the situation entirely. Do I know superstitions are silly? Yes. Does that mean I disregard it? No. (Just in case…kinda.)

On a separate note, I love the Stevie Wonder song! Very catchy.

8. If you could have any animal in the world for a pet, what would you choose and what would you name it?
I would absolutely love to have a pet tiger. (That is if it wouldn’t chew me to bits.) They just seem so cuddly in an ‘I’m gonna smack you around and gnaw your limbs off’ kind of way. And I love their orange fur. I would probably name it Titan. It just sounds so regal and intimidating.

I mean, just look at him.


9. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
That’s a toughy. I love my name, but I would probably have to pick Ella. It’s simple yet girly. On top of that one of the best singers of jazz history was Ella Fitzgerald. And who wouldn’t want to be like her?

All hail the Queen of Jazz.


10. What was the biggest accomplishment of your 2013?
Oh, another toughy. Well, I have continued to stay in school, I am alive and I’m partially sane. That’s probably as good as it gets! But above all of those things, I created this blog in June. That is a big deal for me because I had been dreaming of doing it for a while and it’s by far my biggest secret in my life. So if you’re reading this, you are part of my top secret mission to write to my heart’s content that no one in my life knows about. Congrats. You must feel so special. (And indeed you are!)

Unfortunately I don’t have any exploding pens, talking cars or cool spy nicknames to give any of you… Oh well. I guess it’s the thought that counts. Although the talking car would be cool…

11. If you had been born the opposite gender, what would your name have been?According to my mom my name would have been Jonathan Andrew…

Sounds serious. Very serious. Too serious for me. I would probably have to go by Jonny or Jon Andrew. Yeah, that would work.

*Here are the awesome people I nominated in no particular order:

Amy Who?
Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Talking to Myself
Silver Linings Project
I Am the Cooliest
Lillian M. Woodall
Scripting Happiness
Her Locket
Inside My Head
Introvert, Dear

*And here are the questions I must ask the awesome nominees:

1. Who is your favorite Disney princess/character? Why?
2. If you could be any household object, what would you be? Why?
3. What is the one t.v. show you watch but you would never admit it to anyone else due to overwhelming shame? (And yes, we all have at least one.)
4. Do you have a hobby?
5. Would you rather be single and rich or poor and in love? (Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. Teehehe.)
6. If you could be any villain, who would you want to be?
7. What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
8. I gotta ask, cats or dogs?
9. If you had the chance to rewind and watch any one memory of your life as a bystander, what would it be?
10. What is your favorite song to jam out to? (You know, full out head nodding, scream singing, diva swaying and hand motions. Basically all the things you would never do out in public.)

Well, that was slightly exhausting, but totally worth it. I hope the nominees enjoy the mini questionnaire and I hope to see all of you amazing people soon! And thanks again to Ms. Lonely Lion for the nomination. I hate to leave without giving you a little something special, so here is a picture of Ryan Gosling:


Awww, thanks Ryan. You are always so supportive. I love your face.

Have a good one wherever you are! Stay amazing!

Loads of Love,


12 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Oh my goodness they Ryan Gosling at the end made me laugh!!! And thank you for the Award, i shall get to it. I have the tendancy to forget…if i do…nudge me.

  2. Thank you for the award! I’m not very good at these things, so someday I’ll hopefully get around to writing my own post etc (:

    Ps, I have always loved the named Ella!

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