My Little Shlump

sad pug

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well and happy. As you may have been able to tell, here recently I have had a little shlump when it comes to writing. (And yes, I mean shlump instead of slump because shlump sounds more appropriate for my case.) I am so very sorry. Things have been coming along swimmingly I guess you could say, I just haven’t had that creative freedom feeling you get that starts at the base of your toes and meanders its way up your spine all the way to the tippity top of your cranium. (I am very keen on said feeling. It’s like eating a slice of triple layer chocolate cake surrounded by the people you love and being caressed in good conversation and infinite laughter. Yes, it’s absolutely amazing! Once you feel it, you are immediately addicted to its lulling bliss and you refuse to settle for anything else.)

Anyway, I know that is not a reasonable excuse to shrug my blog. After all, it is my favorite thing on earth besides my clothes. (And that, my friends is a big deal.) Honestly, when it comes to things I love, I am a bit of a perfectionist. I like things to fit the picture I have in my mind. Every piece, word, picture and thought must coincide in a smooth gliding waltz. I refuse to settle for less. I have even awakened with dreams of my blog. (Apparently if I try to push something out of my conscious thought, it eventually metamorphasizes into a dream that haunts me until I can no longer stand repeating the same dream over and over again. After all, dreaming should be reserved only for the most pleasant of thoughts, like having the ability to fly, unlimited shopping trips to Forever 21 or having some dashing, rich man fall madly in love with you and shower you with endless love poems and chocolate. Not for the reminder to do something you should have done days ago.)

Nevertheless, I am back and I am glad to see you are too! It’s always a pleasure to touch bases and catch up on things. Please forgive me for my slack. I have been trying to think of a suitable punishment for my slight, but I can think of nothing that would threaten me at the moment. I will have to get back to you on that. Have a wonderful day/night/evening/morning/space of time that varies per time zone!

Lots of Love,


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