And All That Jazz


I walk in slowly. The cold weather has zapped my energy and my spirit. That wind just will not stop! I open the heavy door and smile at the familiar faces. Time to get to work. I have lots of things to get done today. But something is missing. I can just feel it. Well, I ate Cheerios for breakfast, so that’s not it. I have my purse, umbrella and keys. What is it? What am I missing?

Yes! That’s it!

I plop into the extra swivelly chair and quickly punch in my password. The screen lights up and the computer whirs to life. A few clicks there…type in here…presto!

The room once dull and lifeless comes to life as smooth notes flow from the speakers of the computer. It’s Duke Ellington, and as always, the sound makes me want to get up and twirl around the room with delight (and believe me, my dancing is not exactly delightful to spectators.) He’s telling a story. He is falling in love. I hang on to every soulful word the music utters. I am enraptured to another world. A world of undying happiness where dreams morph into realities. Soon though, to my dismay the song ends. I am left with a wide eyed wondering expression.

Where am I?

Oh, yes. At my desk.

That’s the magic of good music. For me, jazz speaks volumes. I can listen to it from the moment I wake up to the second I close my weary eyes in sleep. I feel as though it’s an old friend that helps me get through the day. It speaks encouraging words and lifts my spirits. I honestly feel like I am floating on cloud nine anytime I listen. I often smile sheepishly in the distance as if someone has told me an incredibly juicy secret that I have pinky sworn to never tell, else I will be poked in the eye with a needle. (And believe me, those feelings are the ones I actively try to avoid.) Soon someone walks in on my bliss and gives me a curious gaze and eventually walks away with their lukewarm coffee and a mid-morning snack. Apparently, being as young as I am I should be blasting something age appropriate like Jay Z or Miley Cyrus. Nevertheless I proceed in my bliss, and before you know it, my work is done and it’s time to leave.

But that’s my friend for you. It takes away the dullness of life and replaces it with color and life. I hope to never be severed from its touch. I hope our friendship lasts to the ends of the earth. It has given me happiness that words cannot explain. Actually, to be completely honest, I believe I am in love. And who doesn’t love to be in love?

Loads of Love,


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