Hey, Do You Have Five Minutes?

Do you want to make someone smile? Maybe this can help! 🙂

Silver Lined Eyes


Do you have five minutes you could spare to make someone smile? Maybe even make their day? All it takes is a little effort and postage. I have recently discovered an organization called Post Pals that allows you to send anything from letters, cards and packages to sick children. These kids have spent a good amount of their time in hospitals due to their sicknesses. I have read testimonial after testimonial about how much these kids enjoy receiving something in the mail. You remember what it’s like to get something special in the mail. It’s almost like magic. You open the mail box and there is a letter addressed directly to you and it’s full of happy surprises. It always brings a smile to someone’s face to get a heartfelt letter. It’s something so simple that takes little effort that can make someone very special very happy.

You can “Find…

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Whatcha Looking At?


I’ll be the first to admit that I wonder what people think when they see me. What is the first word that pops in their head when they first notice me? I know when I am looking around a room I try to pay close attention to how a person sits, their facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice etc. Maybe that is strange, but I always try to acknowledge who is around me. I try to figure them out with a glance. It’s not that I am being negative or critical, I am just trying to see them for who they really are. I have no interest in their ‘social mask’ at all. I just want to see the raw person.

The real problem is knowing what others think when they see me. It would be pretty creepy to just walk up to a complete stranger and ask them to describe who they think I am. I know that would put me off slightly if I were the stranger in the situation. (Granted I would probably answer their question considering I would have most likely already observed them.)

To be honest, I don’t talk much when I’m out in public. Why is that? Because I am constantly taking everything and everyone in and thinking about things beyond a waiting room, post office or daily errands. I mostly speak when I am spoken to or if I know a person from a previous encounter and I have something I need to say. Is it because I lack confidence or self assurance? Nope. I just don’t find it necessary to talk unless I have something valuable to say. I find that listening and watching provide me with a unique way to see the world. I see people’s feelings, intentions, dreams and fears with only a look and a moment of silence. Some things I see make my heart break. Others make me smile and laugh to myself.

You see, when I am speaking, I am mostly focused on myself. Every thought and motion is focused on portraying the idea that I wish to give to someone else. Is this a bad thing? No. It just means that I lose focus of everyone else. I have noticed that if I want to get to know someone better, I have to watch them when they are silent. Their face will often relax to reveal the real emotions being felt at that moment. I soon start to see the walls people put up slowly tear down brick by brick. Some people seem to stay the same, while others change in to an entirely different being.

After they start revealing themselves I start asking questions. Why are they feeling like this? Are they okay? Do they need someone to talk to? I wonder why they are smiling. Wow, he’s really concentrating. Is that book really that good?

Observing may seem border line creepy, but I do have the best intentions. It’s not that I am trying to stalk anyone and collect hair samples and random photos of their social interactions and plaster them on a giant wall as a shrine of their existence. I am just curious about who they really are. Tying all the pieces I have found together, I get to see a sliver of someone’s personality. I find it fascinating.

Well, I’m sure by now you probably think I have stalking tendencies, but I reassure you that is not the case. (Besides, we stalkers prefer the term ‘observers’ anyway…) If you are a fellow observer then feel free to let me know! Maybe we can start a club…or a therapy circle. This could be our slogan:


Ah, yes. Very charming.

Have a good one! Stay amazing.

Loads of Love,

The Liebster Award


Hello everyone!

Today when I logged in to WordPress I didn’t expect to see an orange visitor in the upper right corner of my screen, but lo and behold, it was there. Eagerly as usual, I clicked on it to see just what exactly it was. It was from Ms. Lonley Lion and she had nominated me for the Liebster Award. Of course, if you know anything about me, you know that little orange visitors make me cheese until my face hurts, and this time was no exception. So a big thank you goes to Ms. Lonely Lion! Thank you for making my day and causing my face to hurt due to overwhelming happiness! And if you are unfamiliar with Ms. Lonely Lion’s blog, just click on her name and check it out! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

*For starters, here are the rules to the Liebster Award game:

• Thank and link back to the person who ever so graciously nominated you
• Nominate eleven awesome bloggers and let them know just how awesome they are
• Answer the questions your ‘nominator’ (sounds ominous) asked you and think of eleven questions to ask your nominees

*So here are the answers to the questions I was asked:

1. What was your first word?
According to my parents my first word was ‘Dada.’ (Apparently translated as Dad.) How original. No one saw that coming. I’m just full of surprises.

2. What is your biggest aim for 2014?
My biggest aim is probably becoming a better person as a whole. I tend to want to compare myself to other people and set unattainable standards, but for this year, I want to be the best version of myself. (I know cheesy and obscure. Sorry!)

3. Do you have a lucky number? If so, what is it and why?
Oh, I thought this through just the other day when I was driving. My lucky number is 24. It’s even, divisible by many numbers and it’s my date of birth. (How lucky can you get? I mean it’s the day you entered the world. That’s pretty lucky, if you ask me.)

4. Did you have a reason for starting your blog?
I started this blog for the sole purpose of writing and expressing myself. I have always enjoyed writing because it allows me to escape reality for a brief piece of time. Not that reality is bad; it’s just that the world inside my head is cooler. Sorry reality.

5. What’s your all time favourite film?
That’s probably the toughest question in the world for me. But as far as knowing a movie inside and out and watching it repetitively and enjoying every minute of it, I would have to say Marvel’s The Avengers. I mean come on, you have Captain America (my personal favorite *wink wink*), Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Coulson battling it out with Loki of Asgard who is ‘burdened with glorious purpose’ and assisted with an alien army. Need I say more?

No. No I don’t.


6. What’s the best Christmas/birthday present you ever got?
The best present I ever got was my guitar I got a few years ago at Christmas. Although I don’t play it like I should (bad Kate) I still love its sound and simplicity. If only I could play like Jimmy Hendrix. But that requires loads of practice and patience and here lately I have been incredibly lazy. (Again, bad Kate.)

7. Are you superstitious?
Superstitious? No.

Slightly paranoid? Yes.

If you tell me I will inevitably die if I walk under a ladder while smashing thirteen mirrors while also witnessing a black cat parade I would probably shrug you off at the moment. But being the over thinker that I am, I will probably calculate the possibility of that happening and try to avoid the situation entirely. Do I know superstitions are silly? Yes. Does that mean I disregard it? No. (Just in case…kinda.)

On a separate note, I love the Stevie Wonder song! Very catchy.

8. If you could have any animal in the world for a pet, what would you choose and what would you name it?
I would absolutely love to have a pet tiger. (That is if it wouldn’t chew me to bits.) They just seem so cuddly in an ‘I’m gonna smack you around and gnaw your limbs off’ kind of way. And I love their orange fur. I would probably name it Titan. It just sounds so regal and intimidating.

I mean, just look at him.


9. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
That’s a toughy. I love my name, but I would probably have to pick Ella. It’s simple yet girly. On top of that one of the best singers of jazz history was Ella Fitzgerald. And who wouldn’t want to be like her?

All hail the Queen of Jazz.


10. What was the biggest accomplishment of your 2013?
Oh, another toughy. Well, I have continued to stay in school, I am alive and I’m partially sane. That’s probably as good as it gets! But above all of those things, I created this blog in June. That is a big deal for me because I had been dreaming of doing it for a while and it’s by far my biggest secret in my life. So if you’re reading this, you are part of my top secret mission to write to my heart’s content that no one in my life knows about. Congrats. You must feel so special. (And indeed you are!)

Unfortunately I don’t have any exploding pens, talking cars or cool spy nicknames to give any of you… Oh well. I guess it’s the thought that counts. Although the talking car would be cool…

11. If you had been born the opposite gender, what would your name have been?According to my mom my name would have been Jonathan Andrew…

Sounds serious. Very serious. Too serious for me. I would probably have to go by Jonny or Jon Andrew. Yeah, that would work.

*Here are the awesome people I nominated in no particular order:

Amy Who?
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Silver Linings Project
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Lillian M. Woodall
Scripting Happiness
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Introvert, Dear

*And here are the questions I must ask the awesome nominees:

1. Who is your favorite Disney princess/character? Why?
2. If you could be any household object, what would you be? Why?
3. What is the one t.v. show you watch but you would never admit it to anyone else due to overwhelming shame? (And yes, we all have at least one.)
4. Do you have a hobby?
5. Would you rather be single and rich or poor and in love? (Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. Teehehe.)
6. If you could be any villain, who would you want to be?
7. What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
8. I gotta ask, cats or dogs?
9. If you had the chance to rewind and watch any one memory of your life as a bystander, what would it be?
10. What is your favorite song to jam out to? (You know, full out head nodding, scream singing, diva swaying and hand motions. Basically all the things you would never do out in public.)

Well, that was slightly exhausting, but totally worth it. I hope the nominees enjoy the mini questionnaire and I hope to see all of you amazing people soon! And thanks again to Ms. Lonely Lion for the nomination. I hate to leave without giving you a little something special, so here is a picture of Ryan Gosling:


Awww, thanks Ryan. You are always so supportive. I love your face.

Have a good one wherever you are! Stay amazing!

Loads of Love,

The Critic


Standing in front of the shimmering surface,
I see shards of gleaming light,
I play with my necklace for the umpteenth time
Rehashing the ongoing fight,
I have been living with for so long.

Her she is, in all her dampening glory,
Standing eye to eye with me,
She stares and tears me down,
All the imperfections she can see,
And then she shakes her head.

‘What now,’ I think wearily,
‘Who is she to say those things,
To rip apart my dreams and hopes,
And cast down my willowy wings,
Just for the pleasure of it all.’

I stare in those piercing green eyes,
She glances casually back,
Her words cut and slice my skin,
Like sharp razors on my back
With nothing to heal my open wound.

She looks so familiar yet distant,
She has tortured me all these years,
She coolly glides from fault to fault,
And ignores my pain and tears,
Yet she still reminds me of someone.

I move closer to see what I can,
Too much time has come to pass,
Her movements seem to mirror mine,
Then my stunned face hits the glass,
And I see her for who she is.

I gasp in horror and confusion,
She does exactly the same,
Why this girl shares my body,
My heart, my face even my name,
Why, this critic is really me.

All these years of hurtful words,
My critic has been shown,
To be the one I trusted most,
Except I had ever known,
All the damage I could do.

We cry tears mingled with remorse,
And a sense of relief,
We have forgiven each other,
For the feelings of our grief,
And we have moved on.

We accept us for who we are,
No thoughts of scrutiny are found,
Although she is not perfect,
Nor I, we follow the sound,
Of light laughter and happy endings.

I visit my critic every morning,
She shares a thoughtful smile,
Who would have thought this one,
Was my best friend all the while,
And we could ever be so close.

She remains in the shards,
Of the world of endless gleam,
Now in those green eyes,
I see a glowing, warm beam
Of kindness, friendship and acceptance.

Stay amazing.

Loads of Love,

My Little Shlump

sad pug

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well and happy. As you may have been able to tell, here recently I have had a little shlump when it comes to writing. (And yes, I mean shlump instead of slump because shlump sounds more appropriate for my case.) I am so very sorry. Things have been coming along swimmingly I guess you could say, I just haven’t had that creative freedom feeling you get that starts at the base of your toes and meanders its way up your spine all the way to the tippity top of your cranium. (I am very keen on said feeling. It’s like eating a slice of triple layer chocolate cake surrounded by the people you love and being caressed in good conversation and infinite laughter. Yes, it’s absolutely amazing! Once you feel it, you are immediately addicted to its lulling bliss and you refuse to settle for anything else.)

Anyway, I know that is not a reasonable excuse to shrug my blog. After all, it is my favorite thing on earth besides my clothes. (And that, my friends is a big deal.) Honestly, when it comes to things I love, I am a bit of a perfectionist. I like things to fit the picture I have in my mind. Every piece, word, picture and thought must coincide in a smooth gliding waltz. I refuse to settle for less. I have even awakened with dreams of my blog. (Apparently if I try to push something out of my conscious thought, it eventually metamorphasizes into a dream that haunts me until I can no longer stand repeating the same dream over and over again. After all, dreaming should be reserved only for the most pleasant of thoughts, like having the ability to fly, unlimited shopping trips to Forever 21 or having some dashing, rich man fall madly in love with you and shower you with endless love poems and chocolate. Not for the reminder to do something you should have done days ago.)

Nevertheless, I am back and I am glad to see you are too! It’s always a pleasure to touch bases and catch up on things. Please forgive me for my slack. I have been trying to think of a suitable punishment for my slight, but I can think of nothing that would threaten me at the moment. I will have to get back to you on that. Have a wonderful day/night/evening/morning/space of time that varies per time zone!

Lots of Love,

And All That Jazz


I walk in slowly. The cold weather has zapped my energy and my spirit. That wind just will not stop! I open the heavy door and smile at the familiar faces. Time to get to work. I have lots of things to get done today. But something is missing. I can just feel it. Well, I ate Cheerios for breakfast, so that’s not it. I have my purse, umbrella and keys. What is it? What am I missing?

Yes! That’s it!

I plop into the extra swivelly chair and quickly punch in my password. The screen lights up and the computer whirs to life. A few clicks there…type in here…presto!

The room once dull and lifeless comes to life as smooth notes flow from the speakers of the computer. It’s Duke Ellington, and as always, the sound makes me want to get up and twirl around the room with delight (and believe me, my dancing is not exactly delightful to spectators.) He’s telling a story. He is falling in love. I hang on to every soulful word the music utters. I am enraptured to another world. A world of undying happiness where dreams morph into realities. Soon though, to my dismay the song ends. I am left with a wide eyed wondering expression.

Where am I?

Oh, yes. At my desk.

That’s the magic of good music. For me, jazz speaks volumes. I can listen to it from the moment I wake up to the second I close my weary eyes in sleep. I feel as though it’s an old friend that helps me get through the day. It speaks encouraging words and lifts my spirits. I honestly feel like I am floating on cloud nine anytime I listen. I often smile sheepishly in the distance as if someone has told me an incredibly juicy secret that I have pinky sworn to never tell, else I will be poked in the eye with a needle. (And believe me, those feelings are the ones I actively try to avoid.) Soon someone walks in on my bliss and gives me a curious gaze and eventually walks away with their lukewarm coffee and a mid-morning snack. Apparently, being as young as I am I should be blasting something age appropriate like Jay Z or Miley Cyrus. Nevertheless I proceed in my bliss, and before you know it, my work is done and it’s time to leave.

But that’s my friend for you. It takes away the dullness of life and replaces it with color and life. I hope to never be severed from its touch. I hope our friendship lasts to the ends of the earth. It has given me happiness that words cannot explain. Actually, to be completely honest, I believe I am in love. And who doesn’t love to be in love?

Loads of Love,

A Growing Up Lesson


I’ve noticed that as I get older, the less I care about what other people do or think. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am being inconsiderate or rude; it’s just that I want to be my own person. Through high school, you are crammed in a building of people wanting the same thing: acceptance. That’s what everyone wants. We want to know that we are not alone in the way we feel. Loneliness is scary at times, at least I used to think it was. But now I am realizing that being alone is probably the best thing that could happen for me.

When you are alone you see exactly who you are, no social masks or cover-ups. You are perfectly honest about who you are. In life being exactly who you are can drive people away instead of drawing them in. It looks pretty glum and you begin to think if you are really doing the right thing at first. Slowly you start to realize all the pieces of you that were hidden all those years that make you so unique. Granted, to society they seem outdated, unacceptable or strange, but they are you.

For instance, introversion has always been a shameful attribute in society. Many people try to ‘overcome’ their introversion to be like everyone else. They slowly try to tear themselves apart piece by piece just to be accepted. Soon they start molding their thoughts and speech to fit the norm. But really, if you take away from who you are, who are you?

Honestly I spend a lot of my time thinking and observing. This has apparently ‘cost’ me many fake friendships and a standard model of popularity. It used to bother me but now it makes me laugh. To think I actually cared about someone else’s distorted standard of normal. If I had tried to be someone else, I would have never been happy. I would constantly be searching for an answer I had thrown away years ago. I am thankful that for some reason I didn’t try to fit in with anyone else. Maybe it was my stubborn or rebellious streak, but I am proud of it.

I know it is easy to compare yourself to others and list all the things that are ‘horribly wrong’ with you, but in reality, you are who you are for a reason! Self acceptance is far more important than the acceptance of your peers hands down. I know, it sounds cheesy, but it is true. As Dr. Seuss said, “No one is youer than you!” So please stay incredible! I like you that way!

Loads of Love,

My Winter Favorites


Hello everyone! Well, winter is officially here and that means loads of warm clothes, extremely pasty skin, lots of tasty soups and warm cups of hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows. I thought I would try something new and share a few of my favorite things that make winter a little more bearable. So without further ado, here is my first ‘favorite’ post. Enjoy!

Cream sweater

I simply love this sweater. Just looking at it makes me want to pack up all my things, rent a cabin in the woods and go skiing. (That is if I were coordinated enough to go skiing. That’s a whole other matter.) It is a soft cream and extremely snuggly. I got it at Forever 21 and if I would have known it was this cozy, I would have bought one in every color. No joke.


I love the detail in the knit of this sweater because it reminds me of something homemade. Just running my fingers over the knitting makes me feel at home. That is the magic of a good sweater.


Another item I really love is this bandana sweat shirt (also from Forever 21, no surprise.) To be honest, when I first pulled this from the rack I had my doubts on how it would look on me, but I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I love that although it is black and white, its simplicity says so much.


I really love the detail of the paisleys. I mean who could hate paisleys? Well, maybe sometimes there are instances when hatred for the paisley would be acceptable, but this is not one of them.

Detail Revlon

Of course, winter just wouldn’t be right without a little splash of color. This Revlon nail polish goes with almost anything and really sets of pasty skin. (And I’m sorry for the blur. My camera doesn’t seem to be cooperating at the moment.) It is color 110 Really Rosy which reminds me of rosy cheeks from chilly winter winds. It really stands out and makes an impression.

Well, those are a few things that make my winter less dreary. I didn’t realize just how much work this was until I put it all together! If you have any winter favorites I would love to hear about them! I hope you all stay warm and away from all the nasty weather. Have a good one wherever you are!

Loads of Love,

On A More Personal Note


Hello there! I hope everyone has had/ is having/ will have a lovely day! (Whatever day that may be due to your location and time zone.) I am glad to *see* you again. I thought I would share this cute little guy with you guys because he definitely made me smile. So cute.

Anyways. So lately I have been thinking that I want to take the next step in my blogging and make things a little more personal. I have been getting up the courage to try some things that are soon to come. (Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? I pinky promise no one will get hurt…well at least not intentionally.)

You see, when I first started this blog, I didn’t want to give it limits. I didn’t want to be just the ‘makeup girl’, ‘clothing guru’ or ‘advice queen.’ I want my blog to be a direct reflection of who I am. I know a lot of people want to mimic other blogging pros, and that’s cool if that’s what you want to do, but I want to do it my own way. (What can I say, I guess I’ve always rebelled somehow. Power to the bloggers. *Raises fist to show support*)

I want to bring out good ideas, create a welcoming environment and interact with people with similar interests. Most importantly, I want it to bring out who I am. (Sounds self centered, doesn’t it? I guess I am turning into a diva. A rebelling diva. *Z snaps for emphasis, notices how silly she looks and slowly puts down hand*) Let’s not do that again…

On a totally different note, thank you to all of you guys that actually take the time to read my posts and for the follows, reblogs, comments and support. It truly means so much. Without you, I would basically be talking to a wall like a mad woman. And let’s face it, eventually it would upset the wall terribly. (At least I would imagine it would.) Or wait, would I be writing on the wall? After all, I am not physically talking. I write posts, you know…

Yes, I suppose I would. That’s it. Writing on a wall. A very upset wall. Sort of like Facebook. Except…no…not really.


Where was I…oh yes! Thank you for being a part of my dream and making me feel slightly less insane. Have a fantastic day and please continue to be your amazing self.

Loads of Love,

Ready to be ‘Sherlocked’


It’s almost that time again. The wondrous season premier of one of the most amazing television shows known to man. I’ll never forget the day I was first exposed to this show. It was a rainy day and my Mom and I sat in front of the television wondering what to watch. My aunt had previously lent us some DVDs for our entertainment pleasure. The box said ‘Sherlock’ and BBC.

“I don’t know about this,” I thought to myself staring at the box. “I thought Robert Downy Jr. did a good enough job as Sherlock. And who is this Benedict guy anyways?”

I furrowed my brow trying to think if I had ever seen anything he had acted in.


Nope. Doesn’t ring a bell.

As my Mom put in the first disk I went into the kitchen to heat up a can of soup. Yes, that’s right, a meager can of potato soup. The can label said ‘delicious’ so I figured ‘Why not?’

To be honest, I was hoping to get out of watching the show by saying that, despite prior times, I had decided that it would be uncivil to eat said meal in front of the t.v. like some bored wild animal. After all, I was a respectable human being with a perfectly good dining table.

Despite my efforts, I had failed and began to trudge to the couch with my hot soup in hand. What came next was a bit of a surprise…

I loved it.

I loved everything about it.

Sherlock’s dry wit, Watson’s assistance, the scenery, the crimes, the unforeseeable ending, the whole lot!

It was magical…

To be honest I hardly touched my soup because of my curiousity. (That and the soup label had indeed lied. You just can’t find homemade quality soup out of a can, I have learned.) Several hours later, I was hooked.

The whole show I looked a little something like this:


I had to give him props that Benedict guy could really act. He is by far the best Sherlock I have ever seen. (Sorry Robert, you had to see that coming. It was inevitable. But look on the bright side, you will always be Iron Man in my eyes.)

I tend to get emotionally invested in anything I read and watch. If I can’t connect to someone somewhere down the line, I don’t pursue. But this show was different. It left me confused, happy, terrified and entertained.

And to be honest the ending to last season’s final episode left me looking like this:


So here’s to you, Sherlock. I admit I judged you rashly, but I take it all back. You are the highlight of January in my eyes. I don’t know what I will do with myself when you go away…

Maybe I’ll read more or do more chores. You know, something boring that is supposed to ‘build my character’ or what not.

Lots of Love,