Moments of 2013


In the spirit of complacent following and anti-hipsterisms, I have decided to follow the blogging community in a reflection of my year and try to improve myself for the one to come. (I know, very original. Kudos for Kate.) This year has been a mix match of many things. An array of joyfulness, stress, laughter, disappointments, learning experiences and victories. It’s easy to look at all the bad times throughout the year, but then I am brought to the fact that I am beyond blessed.

Every day of this year I have woken up in a warm bed, I ate breakfast, lunch and supper, I spent time with my family, I got to go to church, go to school (which at times feels more like a curse than a blessing), I saw things I never dreamed I would, read books that broadened my horizons, meet people I will never forget, became a bit wiser and in June I started this blog. Granted not everything went according to plan, but plans are pretty much a lame joke in the general scheme of things.

I have been given this small space of time on this earth and for that I am grateful. I hope I never forget that life is a gift and some people would love to trade places with me, ‘problems’ and all. I must confess that at times I am not as thankful as I should be and for that I am ashamed. My worst days are in no comparison to some peoples’ best days. So I guess for next year I hope to keep an ‘attitude of gratitude.’ Would I like to get tons of money, a great body, shiny new sports car etc? Well, I wouldn’t exactly turn it down, but I want to take care and be thankful for what I have been given. I want to realize that I have what I have and I am who I am for a reason.

I would also like to affect others in a positive way whether it is through this blog, smiling at strangers, comforting friends, complimenting a cute pair of shoes or just holding a door open for someone. I want to make others feel good about themselves and realize that they are special because it is the truth. So many people walk through life thinking they are just another number or a faceless dispensable piece of society. You have a name, a soul and a heart and you are important! Just trust me.

So that is my cheesy and sentimental reflection of 2013 what I would like to happen in 2014. I hope you all have a wonderful ending to 2013 and an incredible success-filled 2014 wherever you are! And with that I leave you with this Swedish proverb: “Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours”

Stay amazing.

Loads of Love,


2 thoughts on “Moments of 2013

  1. You remind me so much of myself 🙂 All the best to you my friend, i know that 2014 will be an amazing year for both of us. You will be in my thoughts as it strikes 12am tonight and i know i am blessed to have crossed paths with you, keep shininh even though it can be at times hard and when others dont appreciate it. Your big heart, no one can take that away from you. Here’s to 2014!

    • Thank you so much and same to you! Thank you for your encouraging words and your friendship. It means more than you will ever know! I hope you have a fantastic 2014! Please stay amazing! 🙂

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