No Satisfaction


*Please note before reading that this is a compilation of an INFJ’s thoughts. Is there supposed to be a theme or message? Well, if there is it is unintentional at this point. Proceed at your own risk. Thank you.*

Cue The Stones, at this point I need a theme song. It seems here recently I haven’t been satisfied with the things I have been trying to do with my life. I completely relate to Loki of Asgard when he says, “Satisfaction is not in my nature.” Apparently I tend to be more critical on myself than anyone I know. It’s always been this way. Everyone around me sees something I have never seen when they look at me and I just can’t understand what that is. I wish I could take a moment and step outside of my body and look at who they see in me.

Maybe it is my bored mind trying to entertain itself with a destructive head game or two. I just can’t seem to be satisfied with myself right now. Anything I do seems to be highlighted by my brain barking out all the things I have done wrong and how I will never fix it.

Why is this?

Maybe it’s lack of caffeine. Who knows.

Truthfully, I have accomplished a few things on my life but I want to do more. I am a college student who has absolutely no clue what she wants or where she is going. I am falling down the metaphorical rabbit hole and plunging to heaven knows where. It’s partly thrilling and partly annoying, actually. I expect to be greeted by a rabbit in a waistcoat and a strange man in a mad hat at any moment. At least there will be tea…

I have so many ideas swirling about in my head and I want to do them all! They don’t correlate or agree in anyway, but they all seem so magical. Some are purely artistic and some are completely scientific. I have to figure it out, or I just might go round the bend. (If I haven’t already…)

And I’m terribly sorry for the partial rant/confusing thought monologue I have bestowed upon you. Please forgive my scattered thoughts and ideas. I’ll try to make it up to you. Here, take a gander at Niall Horan.


Ah, isn’t that better? Have a good one, where ever you are.

Loads of Love,


6 thoughts on “No Satisfaction

  1. This post made me smile. Because i remember when i was studying that i felt EXACTLY the same way, i too am an INFJ. Let me tell you that the disatisfaction is mean to happen, the confusion and all of it! It means you are being challenged and challenging yourself, which will result in you naturally finding your life path. It is normal 🙂 I have been out of University for 3 years now…and the student life and who you are at this time, does not last. You will not be the same person the day you completey finish your studies, but moving on to more. Take heart, this process is necessary for a bright woman like yourself, you’ll see what im talking about 3 years from now 🙂

  2. I feel you!! Been there… still go back there occasionally… O_o Tho, thankfully, at 28 I’m finally beginning to find (create) true happiness and acceptance within myself.
    I agree and feel in my soul that everything that is happening in this moment, is meant to be happening… yet that doesn’t offer much ‘satisfaction’ when your dreams are cosmic and numerous in nature… but still so unmanifested in physical reality. 🙂 Good luck, lovely soul! Lots of love to you on your journey!!!

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