What an ugly, horrible word. We all have insecurities. They root deep in our minds and threaten any form of happiness or self satisfaction. I couldn’t tell you all the times I have heard people comparing themselves to women on magazine covers or actresses or models. Society has painted this misconstrued photo shopped image of what we are ‘supposed’ to look like.

But here’s the kicker, no one looks like that.

You know that girl in that magazine? Sorry, she doesn’t look like that in real life. She has to wear makeup and have her hair fixed just like you. (Except she has the advantage of multiple hair/makeup/wardrobe experts that get her ready and an editing team equipped with state of the art programs that give the illusion that she is perfect.) Despite popular belief, she too wakes up to matted up hair and paper bag days.

We all do. No one is perfect.

But the sad part of it all is that so many of us feel ‘not good enough.’ We feel as though our worth is based on the shell that encloses who we really are.

So how do we fix it?

Well, you know that girl that you see in the mirror every morning when you wake up? Instead of beating her up and telling her how fat her arms are or how weird her smile is or how ugly her hair looks, try building her up.

You may not believe this, but that girl goes through a lot in life and still remains strong. She sees pain and hurt and she combats it with love and understanding. You may not see much, but that girl could change the world if you would only give her the chance. She has dreams and ideas that go beyond the imagination. She deserves to be loved and respected. She gets enough cruelty when she goes out to face her day so why not treat her better?

She needs to be told that she is worth something. She needs to know that someone will love her even though she gets zits and her hair frizzes. She needs to know that she is special and that she can never be replaced!

Sure, she doesn’t look like that girl in the magazine, but then again, no one does. It’s all an illusion. Don’t let it fool you. You are incredible just the way you are. Don’t let anyone, not even yourself tell you otherwise! (And yes, I realize this is yet another cheesy mushy post, but I can’t help it! You are just so amazing and I simply had to tell you!)

Loads of Love,


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