Hair Crush Countdown

Hello there! You probably have figured out if you read my blog frequently that I do indeed have curly hair. Sometimes it likes to participate with my wishes and other times it would much rather march to the beat of its own messy, tangley drum. Nevertheless, I would like to pay tribute to some of the best curly hair I have ever seen in my short life.

Hence, the Hair Crush Countdown! These ladies always seem to keep beautiful, enviable curly hair that manages to remain perfectly in place and non frizzy. So without further a due, let us begin the marvelous countdown!

1. Carrie Hope Fletcher– Let’s face it, her hair is gorgeous! Carrie is widely known for her YouTube channel and for playing Eponine in ‘Le’ Miserables’ at Palace Theatre in London. As if her hair wasn’t amazing enough, she also sings, plays the guitar and gives great advice.

2. Lorde– Ah, yes. She isn’t caught up in your love affair. Granted she may not be royalty, but her hair is tops in my book. She has literally taken the music world by storm with her hit ‘Royals’ at the young age of 16. Pretty impressive, huh?

3. AndreasChoice– This girl is known for her amazing hair and her popular YouTube channel. She has a plethora of great makeup and hair tutorials for all occasions. She also has a twin named Brittany who also has gorgeous hair. It must run in the family.

4. Beyonce’– You knew this one was coming. Beyonce is known for her record breaking music and her awesome hair. Her hair is extremely fierce. *Sigh* It’s just amazing!

5. Taylor Swift– Well, you love her or you hate her. Taylor has record after record after record of ‘girl-power’ songs that make us want to sing along as loud and as obnoxiously as we can. Her lyrics stick with you and often cause you to hum them under your breath at the most random moments. Personally, I love her curly hair best because of the color and the type of curl. Who needs a fringe when you already have such fabulous hair?

So those are a few incredible curly haired ladies that would make any hair fanatic swoon. Do you have any hair crushes?

Loads of Love,


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