Dear Dreamer


Dear Dreamer,

Your head is always in the clouds. Your thoughts are lined in silver and shimmer like gold. Please never let your luster be taken away from you.

There will be thieves in this journey of life that will try to take your dreams away. They see your gentle heart and sweet smile and assume weakness. They desire to destroy your happiness for the lack of their own. They wish to throw down your sun and rip away your stars to reveal a cold dark canvas of black.

Their world holds no sense of adventure or love or compassion. Crushed dreams from eons ago wrap their hearts in bitter agony. The only momentary relief is inflicting such a fate on one that shines so bright as you. Expectations of a cruel transformation glisten in their cold eyes. By your pain they gain the satisfaction of creating yet another bitter companion.

Failure is the weapon of choice of these thieves. But remember, dear dreamer, failure is never fatal unless you allow it to be.

When these attack, remember the beacons that held you together for so long. The things that dried your tears and pieced together your heart. They keep your senses longing for their embrace and your mind on something stronger than the pain.

They are your dreams.

Never let them go.

Loads of Love,


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