Knowing Yourself


For some people, the object of life is to get to know as many people as possible. While this may be very intriguing, the person you need to know best is yourself. This ‘self’ girl in my instance can be quite different. Some days she likes to sing as loud as possible in her car as she drives down a busy road (staring strangers and all) and just unwind with friends and family. Other days she is quite the diva and tries on everything in my closet. (Without putting it back, mind you.) If there is a good book around, you may as well forget her social life. What she likes all depends on her mood. Quite a character this ‘self’ girl is.

Even though some days I can’t stand her, I know her well. I know all her thoughts and intentions and dreams. She is not perfect by any means even though sometimes she tries to be. Even though she can be quite a handful, I have to be careful to be good to ‘self’, because if I am not, who will be? I am the only true guardian she has. After all, she is the only ‘self’ I get and she is worth it.

Loads of Love,


2 thoughts on “Knowing Yourself

  1. We are all wonderfully made with difference…and the best part is when special people get to enjoy those ‘self’ different moods and still love you for it ūüôā

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