Can vs. Can’t


Can and can’t.

These two little words shape who we are, determine where we go in life and how we feel about the world around us. For the most part, people tend to lean more towards the ‘can’t’ side. Granted there are things we as humans cannot do. Like do things perfectly, not laugh in serious situations, read minds, remember everyone’s birthday or fly. (Well, unless you are Clark Kent or Tony Stark which I am assuming you are not. Unfortunately.) But that does not mean we should stop trying.

I often think back to my childhood when this topic arises. That time frame was filled with a multitude of ‘firsts.’ First steps, words, friends, puppies, loose teeth and bike rides swirl in my head. But why is it during childhood we believe we CAN more than we can’t?

If you think about it, the odds were stacked against us. We stood only a few feet tall with small hands, a pea sized head and an even shorter attention span. Our voices were squeaky but our courage never faltered. No matter how many bruises and cuts were sustained during our attempts of success, we kept on trying. Often we would come back to our houses with band-aid covered knees and shins coupled with dirt crusted hands and feet.

Did that stop us?

Definitely not.

The next day we were at it again. Climbing trees, chasing other kids when you were ‘it’ and riding bikes in the damp morning grass. The fear of falling or getting hurt were nowhere in your dream filled head. All was right with the world.

Then we grew up.

Suddenly we are confronted with people who want to trip you up and push you down. The heights have grown significantly in comparison of the stump in your back yard you used to jump from. Now you are a skyscraper’s height above this new complicated world.

What will you do now?

Have things really changed?

Have the ‘can’ times come to an end?

Truthfully, no.

The only thing that has changed is perspective.

Who says you can’t give that presentation in front of all of those people? Who says you can’t meet that deadline? Who says you can’t make anything of yourself because you were never good enough to begin with? Who says you can’t live your dream because it is too impractical?

True, things have grown taller and slightly more intimidating, but so have you! You are now ‘adult’ size with an adult mind and attitude. You are the perfect size to fight off your ‘dragons.’ All you have to do is lace up your metaphorical sneakers, grab your toy sword and run out in your yard and meet the beast head on. You will have him slain before lunch, I promise.

So when ‘can’t’ rears his sneaky head in the midst of your mind, just remember the ‘can’ times when animals could talk, faraway lands were only a few steps away and dreams had wings like butterflies. Oh, and also remind him who owns the toy sword. That gets his scales shivering every time.

Loads of Love and Support,


4 thoughts on “Can vs. Can’t

    • Thank you for reading! 🙂 To be honest I had myself in mind when I was writing this. A ‘can’ mentality will always get you farther than a ‘can’t’ mentality.

      Have a great day! 🙂

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