Mountains and Molehills


We’ve all heard it before.

“Stop making mountains out of molehills.”

We all know what this means and yet we still manage to do it. Oftentimes the sharp peeked mountains that obstruct our paths in life are actually just molehills in disguise. Oh, but how tricky they are! They rise to the billowy clouds in daunting triumph as the cold winds whistle along their rugged crevices and blow us over. All of a sudden, things get somber. Suddenly that project you have to finish seems to get longer and harder with each slow step. The ideas that once kept you smiling in your sweet daydreams now haunt your worst nightmares.

Why is that you ask? Our perspective has changed. We soon imagine each task or idea as a hurdle we simply cannot jump over. No matter how many rabbit’s feet we collect or four leaf clovers we find. That hurdle threatens to knock us down and skin up our delicate knees. Everyone will be watching. Watching our failure as it happens. Then comes the laughing and the pointing fingers and soon the loss of self esteem and years of therapy.

So how do you conquer the mountain? Well, the best way is to keep in mind that mountains can still be climbed. It may take longer and it may be more difficult, but it can be done. Just think of mountains as giant rocks on steroids. It’s just a rock. No biggy.

Granted when you are facing a giant scary rock, it’s hard to keep in mind that it will soon be over and conquered. But don’t give up kid. You got this in the bag. All you need to do is take that first step. (And trust me; the scariest part is that first step. After that, it’s a cake walk!)

So don’t let those giant rocks fool you. You can still be victorious no matter what they say. Just keep moving and don’t give up!

Loads of Love and Support,


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