Just Hold On


I seem to have hit a bump. A bump that has put me in a slump. (Funny sounding rhyme not intended, mind you.) It seems things have been piling in giant heaps and they are threatening to swallow me up.

It’s sort of a scary feeling. Slowly I begin to meet my demise. Strangely, although it happens so slowly, it actually is coming to pass so quickly.

It’s as if I am on the merry-go-round as a child again. (Except when I was little, it didn’t give me such a headache. And it has become more nauseating than fun.) Everything is spinning and all I see is a rush of colors and fragments of sounds. I try to stop, but I know I will fly off into oblivion if I let go of that metal paint-chipped bar. I cling with all my might as my knuckles fade into pallor of white. I feel my eyes trying to focus on one object. Only one. That is all I want. But I simply can’t. It’s moving too quickly.

That is where I am at this point. I believe everyone gets this way at some point in their lives. (At least I hope, because if this is not the case, I am a case.) It is easy to want to give up during times of stress, but I am trying to tell myself to just hold on. Merry-go-rounds have to stop eventually. Eventually my feet will touch ground and I will regain my lost balance. Soon enough my eyes will be able to focus on whatever I wish without thought of them flying out of my head. My hands will regain their color as will my panic stricken face.

I will survive.

And if you are on a merry-go-round, you will too. We just have to hold on until we can let go. Just keep holding on. It will get better! Just try to enjoy the ride if you can.

Loads of Love and Support,


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