Oh to Be a Lady


When she walks in a room, everyone takes notice. She doesn’t have to announce her arrival or proclaim who she is. She gracefully moves her way through crowds with a soft smile and a friendly glance. She knows what to say and when to say it. She loves openly and gives her all in everything she does. She makes sure others are tended to before she is. She lends helping hands and is a constant companion. She helps put together broken pieces and holds them in place with her careful hands. She listens to the wise and learns from them. She is beautiful inside and out.

She is a lady.

(And no, not of the Gaga variety.)

That is who I want to be. I want to be so beautiful inside that it glows from the outside. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of the thing. Thoughts of royalty and grace swirl in my head when I hear the word.

I have had the privilege to meet a few ladies in my lifetime, and I am truly in awe of their love and composure in difficult situations. It takes so much courage and restraint to be a lady. It is not easy to be selfless and live to help others. I find myself many times focusing on the girl I see in the mirror and trying to please her in any way I can. A ‘Me’ mentality can get you what you want, but it won’t get you what you need.

These women make marks on the world that will last forever. I want to be one of these women. They are truly heroes in every way.

Lots of Love,


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