Breaking Bad (Habits, That Is)


We all have them. Those dirty little habits that make us go cross eyed and crazy any time they pop up their nasty heads. They can range from gossiping, oversleeping, laziness, bad spending etc. Mine tend to be of the food variety. If you put a chocolate cake in front of me there are no guarantees your fingers will have enough time to make it out alive.

I sometimes claim that I can overcome my said addiction with ease and then the food starts talking to me. I start smelling chocolate chip cookies baking in the kitchen. Suddenly, all of my thoughts are channeled on the sweet smell of soft cookies cooling on the counter. It’s as if I have never tasted sugar before and I must sample it in order for my dull and miserable life to be complete. They sing their siren song and lure me in ever so slowly.

That’s it.

A little more.

Nothing to see here, folks.

Just whistling through the kitchen, minding my own business.

And…pounce. Out comes the Cookie Monster.

*Suddenly the kitchen is filled with the sound of chomping teeth and screaming cookies.*

Yeah. It normally ends that way. Once the beast has been filled, out marches the guilt trip along with the oath that I will never again touch, smell, sample or even lay eyes on another cookie for as long as I live. (My fingers must be crossed behind my back when I make this obscure pledge…) Defeat is written all over my face and I slink back to whence I came with my tail tucked between my legs.

The fact is that these little habits may seem harmless enough, but they are actually preventing us from reaching our full potential. The good news is that bad habits CAN be reversed. The bad news is that no one has found the easy pain free way of doing it.

Bad habits are simply our way of making a short term decision. When I chose the short term affect (which allows me to stuff my face with multiple cookies while watching reruns of the Golden Girls) I instantly satisfy my craving. And everyone knows that when you eat chocolate chip cookies, you must have a cool glass of milk to wash it all down. (It’s like the law of gravity. Don’t question it, just know it exists.) Seems harmless, right? But soon enough, my jeans magically shrink…along with my shirts and various items of clothing. The dryer must be messed up or something…

On the other hand, if I chose to wait and eat a cookie when I have actually ‘earned’ one, I get to keep my dignity and my waist line. Win win. I then get a boost of confidence because I have defeated my addiction and I feel as though I can wrestle anything I come into contact with. (Except grizzly bears. Let’s not get too carried away. They have claws…big claws.)

So if we can conquer our little habits, we can actually become better individually and feel like super heroes. (Just without the spandex, please. No spandex.)

Maybe you have some ideas for reversing bad habits. I would love to hear them! (Please, do it for the dessert community. They are at their wits end.)

Loads of Love and Best of Luck,


6 thoughts on “Breaking Bad (Habits, That Is)

  1. Kattie awesome post, I do a little technique called “EFT tapping” to get rid of bad habits. For a new good habit to form, you have to do it for 28 days in a row. The neuron pathways for the bad habit will slowly shrink and won’t influence you anymore. It will try very hard a few times to make you do the habit, but with EFT tapping, I cover come many of mine.

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