Lazy Day


Today is wonderful. It’s a lazy day. This means I get to wake up whenever I am good and ready and no one is expecting me to be anywhere. I shuffle to the kitchen for breakfast and no one can tell me that cake is not “breakfast food.”

You know what? Cake is happy people food. I am a happy person, therefore I eat cake whenever I like, thank you Mr. Dietician. After the cake and whatever other things I have managed to stuff my face with eaten disappears, I head back to my room to look on my laptop.

Ah, I have an email, or 541 to be exact. They have been sitting there for a while… Maybe I should read them… Nah, it’s my day off. Reading junk emails is simply not for me today. After all, I just ate cake so I am in a fabulous mood and seeing all those nasty things would just drive me up the wall. Let’s find something more pleasant.

WordPress! That’s it. That makes me smile. Finally, I am home!

*untold amount of time passes as she peruses through her reader*

Well, I guess I need to do something productive. Hmmm.

*looks around room for inspiration*

Oh, my record player looks dusty… You know, if I play some vinyl, it will cause some of that dust to fly right off…maybe. (We all know this is an excuse to avoid dusting, but my sugar glossed mind doesn’t care much about cleanliness at this point.)

*multiple records and several hours pass*

Well, that was fabulous. I need to do that again some time.

I should probably find something to do now. My closet may need cleaning. That’s what I’ll do!

*picks out random shirt*

Wow, I haven’t worn this in a while! I wonder what it would look like if I paired it with this pink lipstick.

*multiple outfits, several shades of lipstick and lots of forties songs later*

That was fun! I haven’t played dress up tried on those clothes in forever. I should probably clean all of this up.

*looks up at the ceiling as if by magic the perfect decision will fall out of the sky*

Well, maybe I shouldn’t. I’ll save it for later.

Now, I am getting hungry. I wonder if I finished that cake for breakfast… I guess I’ll soon find out!

Lots of Love and Laziness,


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