The Green Eyed Monster


Face it. We have all spent a little time with the monster with green eyes and a sour attitude. Sometimes one must express his/her hatred towards other’s fortune. This monster manages to make us do some pretty crazy things. Anything from trash-talking, sour faces, keying cars, cat fights, burn books etc. It is normal to become jealous every once and a while, but once you hang out with the monster too long, things start getting really ugly. You start feeling horrible about yourself because you are too focused on the fact that Sally is dating Dan. You like Dan. Like, a lot. After all, you did give him a pencil the other day in Biology and he smiled at you. (Clearly he likes you. He is just in denial…obviously.) Better watch your back, Sally.

But once we start seeing someone else’s life as something better than ours, we begin to feel inferior. Suddenly all the things we have achieved are dull and nothing in our green, blinded eyes. We start hanging out with the monster who whispers things in our ears that make us feel all fuzzy inside.

“Did you see what she was wearing today?” he says questioningly. “Someone needs a mirror. That is if she doesn’t shatter it first with that ugly mug attached to her basketball cranium.”

You snicker and an evil grin spreads across your face. (Similar to the Grinch.) What you don’t realize is that all these comments are fabricated in your head, and even though they may be amusing, the staring people around you don’t get the joke. So you may appear slightly off as you chuckle and maniacally rub your hands together. (Just a little forewarning.)

The real question is how to get rid of the monster permanently. Truthfully, the monster will never go away. But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to him. When he comes slinking around to tell you all about how many split ends Amy has, just ignore him and go on. Because the thing about jealous people is that no one really wants to be around them. They live their lives centered around their jealous feelings. They can’t see how great they are at playing the guitar or how funny they can be or how awesome their hair is. They can only see the things that torture them the most. So why be jealous when you are just as awesome?

Instead of trying to tear others down, why don’t we build ourselves up? Although the green monster is right about lots of things, he will never be right about who you are. He thrives through low self-esteem and hatred. So the next time you start getting jealous, just remember that you are amazing and no one can take that away from you. Why should you be jealous? I mean look at you! You are awesome! Please stay that way.

Lots of Love,


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