The Art of Listening


When was the last time you felt ignored? When was the last time you had something heavy on your heart that you had to release, but you just couldn’t? When was the last time you were interrupted by something less important?

The thing about people is that we tend to be looking out for good ole number one. That causes us to have poor listening and caring skills. We always subconsciously ask ourselves, “What is in it for me?” My listening skills are shameful, really. I could be doing more to try and help someone else just by listening to what they have to say. It’s really that simple. All you have to do is sit, keep your mouth closed and your mind open. Actually processing what someone has to say can sometimes be a daunting task, but it can be done. (No one has died from boredom yet. Only the side effect also known as stupid ideas.)

You would be surprised at the people you get to ‘meet’ just because of listening. You see, when you first meet someone, you see only the outer shell they want you to see. You don’t get the whole picture until they open it up to you. (Which is done by listening and actually caring.) You get to know the person that is scared of being alone, or loves to sing in the shower even though they are utterly tone deaf or the person who feels that trust only opens your heart to pain. You get to know the history of the shell in front of you. You can slowly begin to piece together everything they have given and see a work of art no one else cared to know existed.

Listening creates bonds and friendships that last the test of time and heartache. It allows you to see the world past yourself and how things truly are. You see the heart beneath the armor that has been strategically placed to repel the spiteful arrows meant to tear the open flesh. These arrows are drenched in poisonous words and launched by bitter archers from the tops of castles steeped in hatred and despair. We have all been hit with these arrows. We know the sting and the infection they can bring into our lives. But just imagine having the power to help heal those open wounds and cleanse them from the piercing toxins. You can. Just by simply being a friend you can combat these archers and arrows. That is all it takes.

I want to be a friend to everyone I meet. I know that this is an impossible task (seeing as how people sometimes don’t want friends…) but that won’t stop me from trying. I want people to see that not everyone is “out to get them” and that I can help carry their burdens. I know that this is another one of those “cheesy and emotional” posts that I tend to write, but I truly mean it. I hope that you have a friend you can talk to. Friends (whether they are in the form of dogs, grandparents, moms, brothers, teachers or mailmen…maybe mailmen…) are what help us to see the silver lining and press on to who we were meant to be. Just by listening, they help us get back up, wipe off our clothes, kiss our scratches and move us in the right direction. Who knew that two small cartilage pieces on the sides of our heads could perform such a miracle?

Loads of Love,


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