It’ll Be Okay


Some days you wake up feeling broken. You’ve been hurt somehow. Your heart is too weak to feel anything else. You feel as though nothing can comfort or console your wounded soul. You feel like you can’t shed another tear, yet they keep pouring down your trembling face. Sometimes everything just brings back millions of microseconds of happiness. Every one sending your mind back to a time where all was well. As soon as the memories end, so does your solace.

Sometimes you feel as though this will never end, but it always does. Little do you know that you are slowly growing from the inside out. A small sprout of bravery breaks through the brittle ground. Your small beacon of hope. It softly reaches its small green fingers to the sun in timid triumph.

Don’t give up just yet, please. Our strongest moments are brought out by pain and tragedy. I know it hurts, but it will heal in time. I was once told in a dark time of my life by someone very wise that it may not look like it now, but everything will be okay. I have never forgotten that and I hope you don’t either. I beg you, please hold on. Just hold on. It’ll be okay.

Loads of Love and Support,


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