The Love of Writing


What is it about writing that makes people happy? Is it releasing what your mouth couldn’t sound out? Maybe it’s the feeling of the pen scratching the surface of the pure white page and the gliding dance that forms words from the heart. All the images in your head that were once stuck manage to flow through your fingertips and create a work of art never to be duplicated again.

Perhaps it is the mind’s way of playing through its many problems. It faces many puzzles throughout the day, you know. Maybe it’s like when we watch television or run or sing. Maybe it’s just a way of clearing the fog that has gathered for far too long. A way to relax and feel at ease with the world. A way to breathe and take in the ever changing world. Perhaps.

Maybe it is the emotional rush that comes with constructing the perfect image through words. Maybe it is the freedom to create worlds beyond your own and people who understand every nod and smile. All of your creations wait for your every word. They watch as you stop to consider what could happen next. They anticipate each command to continue acting upon your beautiful stage. Anything could happen. Anything.

Maybe it’s the knowledge that what you have created cannot be destroyed. You tuck it in a special place and in your satisfied heart. It will be safe there until the end of time. Each word is permanently etched on the walls of your heart. Thank heavens for that.

And what a beautiful wall it is.

Lots of Love,


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