A Mental Time Out


Yes, I need a time out. Please go easy on the yard penalties. Some days I wake up mentally drained. Nothing can seem to snap me out of these stoopers. What I really need is an opportunity to call a time out whenever I am feeling overwhelmed. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Just imagine, you’re in the middle of class and the professor is talking way too fast again and your head is swimming from all the content that has just been force fed to your twitching brain.


It’s just like what Zach Morris does in Saved by the Bell. Everything magically stops and people are frozen in time. You have all the time (within reason, of course) to rub your throbbing temples and maybe go to the vending machine and scarf down on a Snickers. (After all, you are not you when you are hungry…so I’ve been told.) You take the last sip of your Vitamin Water (Lemonade flavor, to be precise) and you snap your fingers. Time begins yet again and you can carry on as usual. See, this is all I want. Power to freeze time and do what I need to do to get “chill” again. But apparently what with the time space continuum and limited technology, that is too much to ask. (Heaven knows I am not a demanding person. Come on scientific community, work with me!)

And on top of the mental fuzzies, it’s a Monday. Ah yes, Monday. The literal slap in the face your body gets after a much needed weekend of relaxation and happiness. The ball and chain attached to your soul that thrives from any form of torture it can inflict on you. The miniscule thorn deep in the tissue of your open heart. Love your face, Monday. (Please note the extreme sarcasm and disdain dripping from the previous statement.) If I had a trademark Monday face, it would have to look like this. A thousand words, people.


I hope you are having a better Monday than me. Have a fantastic day, wherever you are! And stay awesome.Oh yes, and if you wish, Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Thanks!

Loads of Love,


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