The Truth about Barbie


We are living in a very superficial age. Magazines are splattered with ads for cosmetics, hair products, clothes, shoes and so on. You have to own the best to be the best. On top of that, we are expected to fit into the mold of lean built models and actresses. “Thigh gaps” are looked at as a sign of being pudgy and overweight. You must fit into a size double zero to be seen as a beautiful woman. You must also keep perfect, blown out hair, porcelain skin and a straight bleached out smile. Basically, we are expected to be Barbie.

Barbie always has up to date clothes, has a fabulous build, drives a convertible and has the perfect cut boyfriend. She is the pinnacle of beauty and little girls are taught that if they don’t reflect Barbie standards, they won’t be seen as beautiful. How sad is that? Our society tells young girls to mimic shallow, self obsessed people who are too attached to their own reflection to see the world around them. (Please note that not all people are like this, but a good amount of them are.) Girls are starving themselves, cutting themselves, screaming at their reflections and sometimes even taking their lives because what they see in the mirror doesn’t “cut it” in the medias’ dimmed eyes. They are destroying the self worth of future mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. Nothing is ever good enough.

The thing about Barbie is that she is only plastic. She can’t run and play, use her imagination, write a love letter, sing a beautiful song, heal broken hearts, help carry a burden, kiss boo boos, pass down wisdom to future generations, dance in the rain, laugh until she cries or give words of encouragement. She is only an object put upon a pedestal. Nothing more. The most important thing she lacks is a heart. Without a heart, you can’t do anything worthwhile. The heart creates things that the mind could never fathom. The deepest love and emotion swells inside and is poured out through kind words and actions. That is true beauty. No makeup needed. (Although makeup is fun!)

I just wish I could tell all the girls who hate their reflection that they are beautiful regardless of what anyone says. I wish I could tell them that in order to love others, you must love yourself first. I wish I could show them that if they just hold on, they can change the world.

Stay beautiful.

Lots of Love,



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