I’ll Do It Tomorrow…Maybe


Procrastination is like a drug. Once you try it, it creeps into the center of your naïve mind and spreads its roots deep into your core. Suddenly that twenty page paper can be completed and A+ worthy within only five minutes. (While you are eating your burnt toast and putting on your makeup too. Multi tasking is a must if you take up this craft, mind you.) Everything can be put off until the very last moment as your life is spiraling in a dramatic nose dive of smoke and screams. And for some unknown reason, you always manage to believe that you successfully attempt a Top Gun worthy stunt that can make everything smooth again.

Yeah, nice try, sport.

Not even Tom Cruise could pull that one off.

I actually never understood why I procrastinate as much as I do until I actually began to study it. I just figured that I truly was lazy and careless. I found that for the most part people procrastinate because of a fear of doing something wrong.

Wow. Now I am a lazy coward. Goody.

All joking aside, it truly does add up. I mean if everything was easy, everyone would easily jump up and take on projects (Unless they are truly lazy. Sorry, no suggestions there.) Any time someone puts something off, it is normally because they are not confident on how to find a solution to complete the task. For example, I can write papers all day on pretty much any topic. Give me time to research and get my thoughts together and I can write all day long. But put a calculus book in front of me, my eyes almost pop out of my head and my heart quickens on horror. (Yes, math is of the devil. I will forever stand by that statement.)

I admit that I tend to get intimidated by tasks that I am not used to doing. I guess I am afraid of failing, but that’s okay. What’s not okay is when I just give up without giving it a fair shot just because I am frightened. After all, if I fail, it will cause a repercussion in the core of the universe that will destroy all of mankind in a torrent of fury and pain. Then millions of giant flying spiders will attack the forests and destroy all the beautiful trees and flowers. And then I will have to relive my 7th grade year all over again when I had horrible hair and gym class every day…wait, no it won’t. That’s just what my overactive imagination tells me to avoid trying anything. Good one, imagination.

So when it comes down to it, procrastination is just fear of failing in disguise. I am going to try and improve on my procrastination. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? Don’t answer that…

Stay awesome!
Lots of Love,


2 thoughts on “I’ll Do It Tomorrow…Maybe

  1. I did and still do procrastinate anything to do with Mathematics, i am in total fear of it lol. Funny though that we hardly procrastinate with things we love doing 🙂 Great observation!

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