Play On


Imagine a world of silence. A blank canvas where no beautiful sounds could enrapture your soul in wondrous and graceful dance. Each note colors the white walls of your heart. Each shade signifies who you are and where you came from. Music is the language of the heart that allows each of us to release the unspeakable. It is the understanding confidant who knows your every secret and desire. It allows you to fly to the deepest depths of your mind to uncover the mirrors and portraits of memories and thoughts. It lulls your mind at ease and allows it to simply float to where it desires. The places you are normally never encouraged to go. Things happen there. Wonderful things that will simply spoil you for the rest of your days.

No one hears “It’s cancer.”

“I don’t love you anymore.”

“You are not good enough”

“It’s too late.”

“You have failed.”

Music takes our shaking, beaten hands and waltzes into an oblivion of peace. Nothing has to go wrong if that is what you wish. The only thing you feel are the notes and rests that glide into your receiving ears. The lullaby gently causes your heavy tear filled eyes to close and forget the pain if only for a moment. You finally have wings to fly away from it all. All you have to do is wish it. Finally, someone understands. Someone actually cares and won’t interrupt. Someone finally listens. You no longer feel forgotten. You feel freedom and pain. Freedom to feel the pain and leave it in some dark corner where it had originated. The pain doesn’t have to grip your heart. It releases in defeat and slithers away without a fight.

The floating feeling tingles through your heavy mind. You want to stay forever. It’s such a beautiful place. Finally things don’t have to constantly make sense and be practical. The imagination has taken over and reality submits reluctantly. Slowly your head sways in agreement to the melody. Nothing can hurt you anymore. You are free. You are…

Then the music ends.

Reality is back.

Your mind tries to comprehend the blow of the transition. Then you understand. You are back again.

Until next time, my friend. Don’t forget me. I know I will never forget you. Never.

With Love,


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