Aimless Wandering


I just want to walk aimlessly. I want to start at the end of an empty road and let it take me where it will.I want to walk until I can’t walk anymore. No thought or feeling involved. Just walking and listening to the birds and the whispering wind. Walking like this always gives me a sense of tranquility. As if that is where I am meant to be. Gazing at the green leaves in the trees overhead as they sway and carry the warm light to my face creating a perfect shadow on the ground below. Smelling the warm air and the pure scent of being in a new world. Your mind can rest in a blanket of thoughtlessness. It is beautiful. It is home. Everything comes together and apart all at once yet it makes perfect sense. Your whole world collides and embraces itself within a short space of time. Nothing is a priority. Nothing has to be solved or examined. It just exists. Nothing more.

This is just me rambling. Have a great day.

Lots of Love,


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