alice in wonderland quote impossible things before breakfast

Just imagine. What if it’s true? You’ve dreamed about it for so long. They said you won’t make it. Everything has been stacked against you. From the beginning you have struggled through it. You’ve cried yourself to sleep. You’ve never let it out of your mind. It never fades like other opaque things. They were swept away so quickly.
Now it comes down to this. Now is your chance.

What if you fail? What if it’s all just a mirage? What if it destroys you?

No. Just push it out of your head.

You are going to do this. This is what you’ve always wanted. This is the air you breathe, your heartbeat, your skin, your bones, you thoughts and your soul. This is your everything.

If you don’t take this chance, you will never be able to shake the regret. It will haunt you like a million shadows in the noon day sun. You will never out run it.

Now you do something about it. Now is your time.


The one, four syllable culprit trying to slay your dreams. He creeps along with failings and naysayers and illuminates them with a harsh white light. He shrinks, prods and dismantles the strongest of humanity with only the mention of his name.


The secret, though, that he hides in plain sight is the key to his defeat. Impossible, if broken down properly, is actually, I’m Possible.

How do you do this complex maneuver on such a notable foe?

Add encouragement. Sprinkle determination. Multiply fight. Throw in perseverance. And most importantly, let in possibility.

All of these things can help defeat Impossible. He has thrown down the most noble of contenders, and he plans on doing the same to you. He lashes out with threats of misery, discontentment, embarrassment and his pride and joy, failure. He is a bitter enemy. Always lurking through minds and hearts crushing any dreams he can find.

But you can stop him. It is possible.

The only difference between possibility and impossibility are two small letters. I and M. Put those together, and you can see his worthy opponent.


Rise to the challenge. You are worthy. Fight to his death. You will be victorious.

Stay possible.

Loads of Love,


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