Hey, Do You Have Five Minutes?


Do you have five minutes you could spare to make someone smile? Maybe even make their day? All it takes is a little effort and postage. I have recently discovered an organization called Post Pals that allows you to send anything from letters, cards and packages to sick children. These kids have spent a good amount of their time in hospitals due to their sicknesses. I have read testimonial after testimonial about how much these kids enjoy receiving something in the mail. You remember what it’s like to get something special in the mail. It’s almost like magic. You open the mail box and there is a letter addressed directly to you and it’s full of happy surprises. It always brings a smile to someone’s face to get a heartfelt letter. It’s something so simple that takes little effort that can make someone very special very happy.

You can “Find a Friend” on the site and write to their forwarding address and Post Pals will be sure to get it to the recipient. The child’s profile will tell his/her favorite color, interests, hobbies and anything that they may collect. This by far is one of the easiest things you could ever do to make someone happy. All you have to do is tell a little about yourself, slip in a little something special and send it off to a very special kid.

I think this is a great organization that does amazing things. Who knew that something so simple can actually make a difference! If you are interested, you can go to http://www.postpals.co.uk/ to find your new friend and start writing! Thank you for your time.

With Love,


5 thoughts on “Hey, Do You Have Five Minutes?

  1. Unbelievable! My friend and I were just talking about how we wanted to be a blessing through hand written letters and small gifts. Well looks like you shared a resource that will give us the boost we need to get started. Thanks for sharing Kattie Kate ;=)


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