(Die)ting Diary: The Struggle is Real


So, no sugar huh? I got this. I will not be defeated! Play the Rocky Theme! It’s just one little candy bar. Look. It’s trying to lure me in. Pshh. Good luck, dude. I have a will of steel. There is nothing you can do to make me rip open your colorful wrapper and sink my teeth in your chocolaty goodness. Nice try though.

Wait, you have nougat. Wow. Nougat is great, especially when it’s paired with chocolate…Maybe…

NO!! You can’t make me! I refuse!

Well, I did run today…and I worked out extra long today…I think I may deserve it…

Wait, I know exactly what you’re doing! You’re trying to get in my head and break down my walls. Ha! What now? I foiled your little plot. We both know what will happen if I eat you. The next thing you know, I eat a whole box of you. Then comes the face breakouts and guilt trips. No sir. Not doing it.

What’s on TV? Okay. Just distract yourself. It’s TV. Nothing tempting here.

Great. Another commercial.

Wait…you! You’re on the TV!!! Wow, are you desperate.

Just look at you, exploding in a special effects manifesto. Rippling chocolate, rich nougat…Stop, Kate! Focus!

Okay, fine. Play dirty. I just won’t watch TV. I needed to practice guitar anyways.

Okay, how about this song. G chord, to C. Stay on the E minor.

Minor chords are so sad. Like a rainy day, or Mondays…or me without chocolate…

You know, one bite won’t hurt me. They say chocolate is good for you anyways. (Whoever “they” is.) It releases endorphins in your body. I am in desperate need of some endorphins…

Yeah, endorphins…

*Five minutes and six candy bars later.*


Don’t look at me like that.


Life’s too short for diets anyways.

I hope you aren’t having any dieting woes. Have a great day!

Loads of Love,


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